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Best Monitors With 4K Display

4K resolution monitors are no longer the future; they are already here and making way into our lives. Many people often question whether or not they should get a 4K monitor. Well, if you are subscribed to Netflix’s 4K plans or want to enjoy 4K games to the fullest, then you surely need a monitor that supports that level of resolution.

However, getting a 4K monitor doesn’t suffice for a good experience; you also need a fast-speed internet that can ensure that 4K content loads and streams properly. You should make use of Earthlink internet reviews from real users to see how remarkable the internet speeds are with this ISP. Only with the right hardware and internet connectivity can you really enjoy 4K resolution.

If you have decided to get a 4K monitor, here are some that you can choose from: 

If you are neither a gamer nor a video/photographer and are looking for 4K resolution for business and work related tasks as well as for casual entertainment, then Philips Brilliance 272P7UVBNB monitor is the best choice. It is available in various sizes, but the most ideal size is 27 inches. 

There more to this monitor than Its 4K UHD screen. Some hardware specs of the monitor include a USB port, DisplayPort, USB-C port, HDMI and an Ethernet port. If you have laptops and tablets, this monitor can be a source of fast 65W charging via the USB 3.0 port. So, as you binge watch your favorite show on the monitor, you can charge all your other devices. 

The monitor is also good for your viewing and your posture, as it has adjustable ergonomic structure. A high tech power sensor in this monitor will also protect you and the environment from harmful infrared signals. It works by reducing the transmission of signals and slowing down the monitor’s functionality when it senses that you are not around using it. 


  • Excellent ergonomic shape
  • Fast charging for compatible notebooks and other devices
  • Various port options
  • Crisp and clear image technology


  • Looks slightly old-fashioned
  • OSD buttons are difficult to use, too tiny

Samsung has a huge name in the market and therefore qualifies as a reliable brand to buy your 4K monitors from. Worried about the money? Well, Samsung U28E590D is a pocket-friendly monitor that is meant to provide you some excellent graphics, thanks to its backlit screen and 28-inches size. The monitor has a sleek black and silver exterior, which adds to the aesthetics of any gaming station aesthetic. While it is a budget monitor, you can also enjoy it for 4K gaming, thanks to 1ms response rate and 60Hz refresh rate. You can connect it with any of your gaming consoles via HDMI and DisplayPort. The screen is also easily tiltable, so you don’t sit in a difficult position while using the monitor. 


  • Easy on the pocket
  • Compatible with many OS and gaming consoles
  • Good response time, recommended for gaming
  • Tiltable screen


  • Not as many ports as other models 

With IPS technology, you can expect this BenQ 4K monitor to offer you the best experience in photo and video editing. It is one of the most premium quality monitors you will find on the market. The monitor features AQCOLOR technology that ensures 99% RGB Adobe coverage. Moreover, it lets you tune display colors, so it meets your preferences the best. The connectivity options you get with this monitor include 2 DisplayPort, so you can use it with gaming consoles, HDMI ports, USB-C and 60W power port, and 2 SD card readers. One feature that makes it the perfect pick for photo and video editing is its shading hood that covers the sides of the screen and minimizes glare from surrounding lighting. It is also great for privacy purposes. Overall, this monitor provides the best value for your money. 


  • Shading hood included
  • Lots of connectivity ports
  • Excellent display technology 
  • Anti-reflection technology 


  • Too pro-level, not for casual use 
  • Dell Ultrasharp U4320Q – best monitor with largest screen

We all have used a Dell monitor or a laptop at least once in our lives. Thanks to advanced and reliable technology the brand uses. Dell Ultrasharp U4320Q is a prime example of how market competitive products are by Dell. Starting from its connectivity, you get DisplayPort and HDMI ports, so it is ideal for those who want to use gaming consoles. It also has a USB 3.0 connectivity port, but no USB-C port or power port like other higher end models. It features an LED technology display, along with an all-black exterior that can go well with any work space. This VESA certified monitor is available in a generous size of about 42 inches. The large exterior ensures that all connectivity ports are placed on an accessible spot. 


  • Has an auto-restore feature for starting up right where you stopped
  • Dell Display Manager arranges all features for user-friendliness
  • Large size of the screen makes it ideal for streaming
  • Compatible with gaming consoles thanks to connectivity options


  • Not the best for pro-level gaming and photo/video editing 

Who Wins?

All in all, BenQ 4K monitor seems like the best option. It is packed with high tech features and is ideal for gaming, streaming, and even for video and photo editing. Its multi-purpose features and versatile connectivity options make it a winner. Don’t forget to check out some good 4K-supporting internet plans at buytvinternetphone before you buy the monitor. 

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