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What Should You Know Before Buying Chain Link in Australia?

Chainlink is a blockchain middleware platform that intends to integrate smart contracts to real-time data from off-chain entities like banking institutions and stock markets. It enables advanced contracts to connect to data feeds, app programming interfaces (APIs), and regular bank payment services that are not connected to the blockchain. This is an essential guide on how to buy LINK.

ChainLink is a decentralised oracle system that claims to be the first of its kind in the world. The LINK project aims to connect all external systems to blockchain-based smart contracts.

Oracles will be used as agents in ChainLink to find and validate real-world data, which will subsequently be incorporated into smart contracts. 

The integration of smart contracts with vital off-chain data and common payment mechanisms is an essential aspect of the evolution of blockchain. 

Individual developers and any data, payments, e-signature, or other API providers can access the network by linking an API they’re acquainted with.

A Process Guide to Purchasing Chainlink

You can buy LINK directly with fiat currency on several exchanges, for example, AUD. You can also purchase cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and then exchange it for LINK tokens. The following is the basic procedure you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Open An Account With A Cryptocurrency Exchange Where You Can Trade LINK.

To create an account, you’ll need to submit your email address, phone number, name, and ID. Setting up 2-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security is also a good idea.

Step 2: Deposit Into Your Accounts

Depending on which cryptocurrency exchange you use, the procedure for depositing funds into your account will differ.

Step 3: Purchase the LINK

The final step is to purchase LINK using fiat currency or trade BTC or ETH for LINK on your preferred exchange. The procedure differs accordingly on the exchange you choose; you must perform the following:

Locate the desired currency pair as LINK/ETH. In the box provided, type the preferred amount of LINK you wish to buy and select the best available market price. The total cost of the transaction can then be reviewed, and if you’re ready to proceed, click “Buy LINK.”

What Is Chain Link, And How Does It Function?

Chainlink is an intermediary blockchain that was released in 2017 to connect blockchains with other off-chain apps. Smart contracts have the disadvantage of being unable to interface with foreign sources like data feeds and remittance systems. That’s because they are predicated on information safeguarded on a blockchain, and the path miners approach consensus around transactions based on blockchain data.

Chainlink serves as a completely decentralised oracle network, allowing external resources like off-chain payments and APIs through smart contracts. This has a wide range of possible uses, including connecting smart contracts to a wide range of critical data, like:

  • Interest rates set by central banks
  • Rates of currency conversion
  • Payments made outside of the blockchain
  • Data on shipments and customs
  • Scores in sports
  • Forecasts for the weather

What to Consider Before Buying LINK?

With 365 million in circulation and the total sum of LINK tokens being one billion, it is worth buying.

Use: The Chainlink network’s cryptocurrency is called LINK tokens. Any organisation that runs payment services, data feeds, and relevant off-chain API connects it to smart contracts through the Chainlink network and receives LINK tokens.

Potential: The price of the LINK token is determined by the network’s adoption and popularity. Examine the corporation’s whitepaper and analyse the practical applications for Chain Link in the real world to see if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Competition: Chain Link being the first to introduce such a service, other platforms like Band Protocol, Augur, and Bridge Oracle have proceeded with the launching of similar technology, and in the future, it may compete for market share.

Development: Developments in the future Chain Link contribute to developing new standards for an open-source smart contract ecosystem. And to connect and solve many of the challenges associated with smart contracts and pave the road for real-world blockchain usage. 

Chain Link does not release roadmaps like other cryptocurrency projects because it is continuous with no set end goal.

Keep an eye out for any new business relationship Chain Link establishes. For instance, it’s already partnered with SWIFT international financial communication services, producing the SWIFT Smart Oracle.

As with every investment, especially cryptocurrencies, it is best not to invest all of your money in it. Crypto markets are mostly unregulated and are highly volatile. One or two events can send the whole market crashing, and similarly, one tiny spark could push the value of all cryptocurrencies up to new highs.

Most people see cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment, as it usually takes several months or even years to get appreciable Returns on small investments. For best results, only invest money that you will not need in the foreseeable future. 

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