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Best TV Shows for IT Workers

Technology has taken over every part of our lives. We can see this all over the media and there are shows that cover most tech industries and what goes on within them. Some of these shows have a cult following with how good they are. Here are our top 5 TV shows for IT workers. 

Halt and Catch Fire

The computer and internet revolution of the 80s and 90s shaped the IT world. Halt and Catch Fire shows us the huge influence that this has had on modern life. This is a drama series that takes into the inner world of the computer industry during the tech revolution. It shows us just how large of an impact the revolution had on the tech industry. 

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a comedy series that is a great follow-on from Halt and Catch Fire. It follows the lives of a group of programmers and their friends as they work together to build their own start-up. They have to work against the strong competition of the large tech companies in Silicon Valley, in San Francisco. 

Although Silicon Valley is different to the Managed IT Services London businesses are used to seeing, IT workers will love the show. It has great humour and is still relevant to the IT world. 

Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe

If you work in IT support London, you may also be a fan of gaming. Charlie Brooker’s special: Gameswipe is a must-see for video game fans. In this 2009 special Brooker shows us a funny history of video games. The special shows us how popular genres of video games have evolved and has great cameos from celebrities. They also show us how the media has been reporting on video games and shows us how gaming has become more mainstream over the years.

How Video Games Changed The World

Fans of Charlie Brooker will enjoy this show. This is a follow-up to 2009 special. In this series Brooker shows us a list of 25 video games and uses them to explore the history of video games and the effect they’ve had on our culture. This show is filled with commentary from celebrities, writers, game designers and even politicians! With all this great input, How Videogames Changed the World is a must-see.

Mythic Quest 

Mythic Quest is a comedy series that takes us on a quest inside the gaming world. It follows an  MMO game studio that produces the popular video game Mythic Quest and they are looking to create the expansion, Raven’s Quest. It has been called a mix between It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Silicon Valley and this is a great comparison. 

The IT Crowd 

This is a popular TV series about the IT world. It is a classic within the community. The IT Crowd follows the IT department of a large corporation and focuses on the lives of two technicians, the shy Roy, and the intelligent Moss. These two are managed by Jen, who is the head of the It department but knows nothing about IT. 

This is a unique show and has become a favourite within the IT Support London community. IT workers will be able to see some parts of their own careers, during a time that working in IT was underappreciated. 

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