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Biography of Andrew Frankel The Co-Presidant Of The Brokerage Firm Stuart Frankel & Co

As we all know, in Hollywood you can gain public attention in several ways; let’s not bring up Paris Hilton nor the Kardashians. For Andrew Frankel, his name caught the public eye when he wedded actress and author Bridget Moynahan, however, he has already Andrew stamped his name in the business world. He is the co-founder of Stuart Frankel & Co, a leading brokerage firm located in New York worth a bomb. 

Who is Andrew Frankel? 

His Life As A Successful Young Entrepreneur 

Andrew was born on 20th August 1974, in Philadelphia, US, into a business-centered family. His father Stuart Frankel was an investment tycoon and was the proprietor of Stuart Frankel & Co. in 1973. Up to date, the firm is one of the leading stock brokerage firms based in New York.  

Andrew nursed an interest in being successful and resolved to study Economics, wherein 1994, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, with a bachelor’s degree. He then worked as co-president at his “daddy’s” firm where he mastered the skills of business. With the dad as a role model, Andrew was heading for success. Somehow I have the name Donald Trump coming to mind writing this. Anyway, since he led the firm, he happened to be among the top leaders in the industry. And here is how it all started.

He is a man of many talents and has excelled at several different work niches. From a young age, Andrew had a passion for business. At age 16, he and his cousin Robert A. Harris partnered to develop the Alien Space Avenger comic book. He was a great contributor to the massive progress of the Kenner Toy Company, whereas as a result of his dedication, he was later promoted to join the Hasbro Toy Group. As a lover of animation and comics, he was among the crew who developed the graphics for movies such as “Jurassic Park” in 1993, “Star Wars” from 1997 to 2019, “Transformers” in 2007, and “Dragons: Fire and Ice” in 2014. Andrew also worked at UTV13 as a writer, anchor, reporter, editor, and audio operator.

The business tycoon also explored and traded the path as an actor. His debut in acting scenes was with the roles in “Alien Space Avenger” in 1989, “Tomorrow Never Dies” in 1997, and “Godzilla” in 1998. 

Andrew had the foundation all laid out for him, as his father in short, well, handed him his career thus his fortune on a silver tray. Andrew looked up to him as an inspiration and a role model, as he watched his father grow his fortune giving the family a better life. On the other hand, his mother Sharyn Frankel partook as a supportive wife and a good influence as a mum. When Andrew came of age and got ready, he completely took over and became the co-founder at Stuart Frankel & Co., up to his dad’s retirement. We can surely say that this was a brisk and clever decision since the company was still very reputable worldwide. Besides being the co-founder of the company, Frankel is involved in the day to day activities of the firm. The company includes assets and investment management, SWOT analysis, and global research. 

The Relationship Between Andrew Frankel And Bridget Moynahan 

To start off, this businessman has walked down the aisle and married twice. With his first wife (which is unknown to the media so feel free to drop us a line) he had 3 sons and a hefty checkbook. 

Then, he married the actress and author Bridget Moynahan, a talented actress famous for her role in the series “Blue Bloods”. She also featured in “The Journey Home” in 2014, “Crown Vic” in 2017, and “John Wick: Chapter 2” in the same year. 

The best kind of love begins with friendship. True to that, Andrew and Bridget met through a mutual friend and played as close friends before they decided to take their friendship to the next level. Love happened. Their wedding was a private event that took place in Wolfer Estate Vineyards in New York on 17th October 2015. 

Just like any other celebrity couples, the pair has a past. Their union is yet to be blessed with their own children together, while Bridget also has a child from her former partner Tom Brady. Tom is an NFL player, playing as a quarterback for the New England Patriots and a six times winner of the Super Bowls, which is the most of any other NFL player in the history. They split in 2006 after being in a relationship for 3 years.  

Andrew Frankel Net Worth 

The business mogul with a panoply of job roles under his belt has had a successful run and has gathered quite a sizeable fortune. Most of his income comes from (daddy) the research and the company’s executions in its business deals worldwide. He knows what a profitable investment is, and is also an expert in assets management. This way he ensures the firm does not occur any losses. His estimated net worth is $80 million. Under the leadership of Andrew, Stuart Frankel & Co. grew to an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. Furthermore, Bridget’s net worth is $30 million. 

Andrew Frankel is an accomplished businessman. He has exuded excellence that has led his firm to its current success. He became known in the Hollywood circles due to his marriage to Bridget however, unlikely his renowned wife, he lives a private life. To conclude, if you wish to make it big in Hollywood, make sure to have a rich father and marry smartly.   

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