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How to decrease, Prevent and Cope with Stress

It’s easy to be tired and stressed daily. It is normal during your post-retirement years. However, it can be more challenging to identify the cause for pressure and worry. One thing is sure. Stress can be harmful to your health.

There are simple ways to avoid, reduce, and manage stress. Applying a few of these methods can have a significant influence on your general health and well-being.

Physical Stress Management

Physical training tells your brain to relax and release pressures built up by stress and anxiety. Exercise and other physical movements release endorphins, a chemical in the mind that is a natural painkiller. Improve sleeping routine, which helps to reduce stress.

It is essential to take part in some physical exercise daily. It can be just taking a brief stroll or trying out a rocking chair. Try out a few of the following and notice the difference in your health.

Water Sports

Water exercise is a healthy start to reduce stress and relaxation. Try water walking, swimming, or water aerobics, an excellent way to release tension without putting too much strain on your bones and joints. Suspended in water activates a relaxation reply within the body, reducing stress levels and feeling less tense and depressed. Join a local gym, Spa with an open pool, and get started.

Take a Walk

Walking is the best to relax. Early morning walk gives you a feeling of freshness. It provides oxygen to the brain, which provides energy to muscles. While walking with your spouse, you discuss a domestic problem.

Listen to Calming Music

Music keeps you young and alive. Play music in your home to create a soothing environment. Enjoy the relaxing aura of a Mozart or classical piano piece. Make music part of your daily routine when you are cleaning the house or preparing dinner. 

Scientists have found that meditative or slow music reduces stress. Nowadays, there are many gadgets available. You can plug your earphones and listen to music while jogging or walking.

Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing will calm your mind and nerves. It releases tension from the body. It is an effortless technique. Inhaling and exhaling slowly for 10 minutes with your closed. Do this for ten to twenty minutes of deep breathing each day.

Drink the Daily Recommended Intake of Water

Doctors recommend around 13 cups or 3 liters of fluids per day for men and 9 cups or 2.2 liters for women. Studies have shown that drinking less water can increase your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that is responsible for stress.

Staying hydrated keeps your stress levels down. Follow this advice and always, and make it your routine. Make sure to keep a water bottle or glass in a bag or on your table all day.

Consume Healthy, Stress Fighting foods

You can fight stress easily if you eat a well-balanced diet. Eat oatmeal, fish, pistachio, and dark chocolate, which help to keep off the pressure. Fresh fruits have fiber and have antioxidant

Enjoy a Cup of Calming Tea

A warm cup of tea makes you fresh and removes tiredness. A cup of tea in the morning stirs your nerves. Herbal tea has healing and calming qualities. Herbal teas of chamomile, lavender, or lemon are good for de-stressing. Keep in mind, caffeinated teas at night are bad for your sleep. CBD vape juice is an all-natural tobacco substitute and effective quit smoking aid.


Every day do some light exercise. Physical movement lifts your mood and gives energy to your muscles. A walk in the park, skipping, or daily house cleaning will be excellent. For young and old, exercise is the best medicine to fight stress and depression.

Dynamic stretching is an excellent warm-up activity before you resort to something more strenuous, like jogging or running, as it helps prevent muscle stress. Even during non-workout days, stretching during morning also helps prep your muscles for the day ahead. If you experience discomfort or muscle tension during stretching or exercise, using a hot water bottle for cramps also helps provide relief.

Yoga Practice

Yoga may help decrease stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. Apart from simple stretching, yoga practice is a great way to reduce mind and body stress.  

Get into Nature

Nature is always good for your health, away from the city into the quietness of nature. Walking barefooted in the park and listening to the birds chirping. Taking photographs of trees and flowers. All this is medicine to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Go to the Sauna or Steam Room

On the weekends, going to the Spa and steam room is relaxing. It is a perfect way to release tension and body cleansing. Spend 30 to 40 minutes in the steam room playing chess or backgammon. 

Taking a shower after the steam room relaxes you and feels new. Sauna and steam bath help with cardiac health and overall well-being. Consult your doctor before visiting the gym or Spa for a steam room or sauna session.  

Use a Stress-Relief Ball

Stress gadgets are found in department stores. It is a simple tool; stress balls allow you to release pressure in just a few squeezes. Pump the ball ten times with one hand at a time. A great and simple way to get rid of stress.

Light Gardening

Gardening can be a useful hobby. This activity can also be an excellent way to improve your health. Early in the morning, watering the plants makes you feel good. It also gives you a chance to breathe fresh air. It provides a sense in your life.

A Hobby to Keep You Busy

Some like carpentering, some like cooking. All hobbies are good for health. Hobbies keep you busy. A busy mind has less to think about worries. To do things that you enjoy doing is a great way to forget stress and worries.


Singing your favorite song to your spouse makes you happy. Going to parties and singing old songs bring back good old memories. All this brings happiness and makes you stress-free.


Dancing is an excellent way to relax and enjoy. It is a light exercise which you can do with your friends and loved ones. A nice way to relieve the worries of the big city and busy life.

Mental Stress Management


Meditation provides quality time for quieting the stressful thoughts. It removes the thoughts that crowd our minds. People who practice mindfulness meditation feel a decrease in emotional distress. 

A simple meditation exercise is sitting in silence for a few minutes a day while focusing your thoughts. This practice, if done daily, brings a sense of calmness and tranquility to both mind and spirit.


Reading helps us to gather our thoughts. Through reading, we learn more about who we are. Poetry and fiction all have a healing effect. We can read anytime and anywhere. All we need is the desire. While on an intercity drive or in bed at night. Always keep a book by your side.

Do a Positive Day-End Review?

Before going to bed, think about all the things you did. Make a full day review in your mind. Did you hurt anyone’s feelings? Make a list of all the positive and negative things you did. Say them aloud. 

This practice keeps you away from things bothering you. You focus on positive things, which in turn keeps you away from stress.

Lifestyle Management

An important piece of decreasing and preventing stress is lifestyle management. Whether it is making time to visit your loved ones or working through personal financial planning for retirement, having a plan and routine will help.

Manage Your Finances

Try not to overspend. Keep yourself within your budget. Money matters often cause distress and increase stress. Know where your money is spent. When you keep track of your expenditure, you have fewer worries.

Visit a Friend or a Family Member.

Social interaction is always good for your health. Staying aloof from social activities makes you an introvert. When you are alone, different thoughts come to your mind. Thought which troubles you mind and increases stress. Try Facebook, Instagram, and keep in touch with friends and family members.

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