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Calligraphy 101: 5 Easy Fonts to Draw

Did you know that there are over 600,000 fonts in the world? Fonts add more than just readability to your writing. They are an expression of art and personality.

You may be thinking of learning how to make better use of fonts to make your writing more effective. What can you do? What are some easy fonts to draw?

Why not take a minute to check out our list of 5 easy fonts to draw.

1. MyIllutions

If you are looking for a font that catches the eye and exhibits contemporary style, MyIllutions may be for you. It uses modern italics and a beautiful handwriting style and works great when you need bold typography.

This is a very modern and versatile font. It works very well in Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and many MS office products.

Choose this font if you want to make your message stand out from the crowd, such as for a special occasion or campaign.

2. Hardwatt Script Font

If you would like to be able to draw a font that harnesses modern designs with classical calligraphic styles, we recommend Hardwatt script font.

There is nothing radically new about this font. It builds on tried and trusted designs to give you a flexible, professional design that is guaranteed to please.

Because of its traditional roots, it would look equally great in a letter to a loved one or in logos and print products.

3. Choerunnisa font

Choerunnisa is a beautiful and unusual font. Almost all characters in each word are connected with wavey lines. The space between letters and words gives a sense of peace and lack of congestion.

While this type of calligraphy may not be preferred for long portions of text, it would look great if you have an art exhibition or other public presentation.

This font is available electronically in a number of formats including OTF, TTF, and Woff.

4. Chameeta

This stunning font has been in use all over the world since 2019. It is a favorite in advertising and printed literature alike.

Its bold design with rich differentiation between capital and lowercase letters and availability in multiple languages has made this a firm favorite.

5. Augustine

Augustine is one of the most handwriting fonts available. It harnesses the classy effect of high-quality signature style writing whilst retaining readability.

This font would look great in a handwritten letter or will make a strong impression on the public in a printed document

Easy Fonts to Draw and Much More

Caligraphy is a great form of art that helps you to write meaningful messages and letters to loved ones. There are so many easy fonts to draw. You will be able to create art-form letters that will be appreciated by others for years to come.

If you are interested in art and the latest lifestyle trends, we are here to help. We gather the latest information on lifestyle trends and bring them to you via our feed. Keep tabs on it!</p

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