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Cowgirl Basketball: Without Asi, OSU prevails against Kansas State | Sports


The Cowgirls sailed the sea of ​​purple on Wednesday.

Without Ana Gret Asi the Cowgirls leave Gallagher Iba Arena in an 82-74 win against the Kansas State Wildcats

OSU lost to the Wildcats earlier this season in Manhattan. Sarah Shematsi was the Wildcats’ leader on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. By Wednesday, however, she was 15.

“We definitely decided to just go into boot camp mode,” said OSU’s Taylen Collins. “Everyone is in the fast lanes, everyone is up not allowing them to pass around the perimeter.”

Collins has built an identity for herself on the court as the dominant rebounder on the Cowgirl team. Collins had eight rebounds, two of which were on the offensive end, and she scored 16.

Another key player for OSU against the Wildcats was Terryn Milton. Without Asi, Milton stepped up for the Cowgirls. Milton stayed on for the full 40 minutes of the game. Milton had 17 goals, had six rebounds and seven assists.

Along with Milton, Naomie Alnatas moved up the offensive end with seven assists and 17 points.

“Sure, g [Asi] he’s a big part of our team and he’s playing really well right now,” said Alnatas, “but I think when things like this hit, we just have to hit back. I think our team has responded very well.”

Head coach Jacie Hoyt was pleased with the team’s performance during the game against Kansas State in Stillwater.

“Our team really had a chip on their shoulder knowing they didn’t see our best basketball the first time around,” Hoyt said, “And honestly our pattern was very similar. It was almost identical. Our guys just performed and they had a lot more tenacity tonight.

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