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Education advocates rally at the Kansas Statehouse


TOPEKA (KSNT)- Students, parents, senators and administrators are all fighting for the right to choose an educational path for their students, children and themselves.

More than 200 people were in the Kansas state capital to voice their concerns as they seek change and a choice of where their children can go to school.

The National School Choice Awareness Foundation is an organization that seeks to educate parents, educators, and students that they should have the ability to choose where they want to go to school, regardless of their financial situation or the area in which they live. Whether you want to attend public, private, or home-schooled school, members of Choice School believe it should be up to you.

“I know we use School Choice, but I like to use the term educational choice because it’s not just a child choosing a building or a family choosing a building, but they are choosing their child’s educational path,” said the founder and dean of Urban Prep Academy Wade Moore. “There are families now demanding education choice laws in the state of Kansas.”

Moore wants every parent to know that they have a choice in their child’s educational path and that every child has the best education possible. He believes that for their efforts to be deemed a success, laws should be in place to provide children across the state with the best education options.

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