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Elizabeth Hurley Boosts Dress Sales, Albert Pujols Is An Absolute Beast On The Basketball Court, And The East Palestine Mayor Is A Unit – OutKick

Here’s a story I didn’t expect to hear while attending a local high school basketball game

So last night I was there with my son trying to catch senior night at the local boys basketball game when I bumped into an old friend of mine. We sit down to watch the game and there is the typical recovery. Chatter. Nothing too deep.

So my old friend goes on to tell me about how he stopped by a local car dealership run by his best friend and how a criminal showed up on Friday and stole a $117,000 Range Rover.


Yes, he’s gone.

I nearly passed out as my friend was telling me the story, but it goes something like this: The perp says something about how his wife is across the street at the BMW looking at cars and would like to test drive a Range Rover in the meantime. Somehow the salesman ends up separated from the vehicle in the parking lot and the kid rushes into the SUV.


Wait, what about the tracking device built into the expensive Range Rover?

My friend reminds me that criminals think of things like GPS jamming devices. It turns out those cost $149 online.

Next stop? One has to believe the Middle East or Africa.

Good luck to those of you who run car dealerships and drive around in $117,000 Rovers.

Tiger Woods: model?

• John of SD writes:

PGA Golf hasn’t been a big topic on Screencaps for quite a while, until last weekend at the WM. The GIs showed up in full force and made the event so much more fun.

Riviera: I plan to go to Los Angeles to watch the final game on Sunday. Brings me to one point: Eldridck Woods is on the verge of making the cut with some players yet to complete their second round. This may not affect cutting.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Woods. She’s a selfish person who only cares about herself. The post-accident character of him, who reaches out to younger players and praises them when they win, is him trying to establish his legacy as a PGA grand champion (which he is).

Last point: he cheated on his wife multiple times. What kind of model makes this for any person, golfer, kid?


  • True, the PGA hadn’t been on the Screencaps’ radar in “quite a while” because it was NFL season and the PGA had basically been on winter break for 3-4 months.
  • Most superstar athletes are self-consumed. It’s not breaking news.
  • I will let people determine if Tiger is their role model or not. I’m here to watch a guy play golf, not make him a role model. I don’t sit in the couch thinking, kid, I have to hate this kid for what happened 13-14 years ago. Life is too short for me to overthink Tiger’s life choices with his wife while he’s in line for a 20-footer at the Riviera.
  • Was he an asshole to his wife? YES. Is he still an asshole? Perhaps. Is he flawed just like the rest of us? Obviously.
  • What Tiger did to his wife doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what he did on a golf course because those of us who love the sport want to see it played at the highest level. We don’t sit there thinking: Hmm, I wonder if he texted a porn star before her tour to meet him in Vegas for a slam session?
  • You’d be incredibly busy if you analyzed every athlete for flaws before they hit the court, field, or field.
  • I’m not sure who around here established Tiger Woods as their role model.
  • Feel free to like or dislike Tiger. It doesn’t touch me one way or the other.
  • Some of these points may be duplicated. Alright.

    I’m telling you guys, Up North Michigan is a wild place

    This happened about 30-40 miles north of where I canoe and 50-60 miles where I go golfing in the woods. It’s the kind of area where you need to figure out which dive bars you’re welcome to and which dive bars you should just turn around and find a new place to grab a beer.

    Speaking of wild, Steel Panther is BACK with new material and they are embarking on a world tour

    Thanks to JD in Wichita for putting this on my radar. For those of you unfamiliar with Steel Panther, you won’t want to play Panther videos without headphones. *NSWW*.

    God bless the Steel Panthers and those of us who can still laugh at the ridiculousness of 80s headbands and NSFW lyrics.

    I just hope Tiger doesn’t become a huge Panther fan or I’ll have to publish an essay on what all this means.

    Putting the phone down

    • Drew L. writes:

    I really appreciate all the comments about turning down your cell phone camera and enjoying the moment. I am an avid video editor and photographer. So I intentionally go to places and events with the lens of photography. But even then, I often remind myself to put the camera down and just enjoy where I am. I think the important thing is to make sure you are intentional about it and don’t get too carried away. And I actually go home and look at all the footage I’ve shot and put it together into videos that I share with some friends and family. And since most of my videos are only seen by a few people (except for that Top Gun video – wow, thanks for sharing!), and I’ve been doing it for several years, I know I’m doing it mainly because I love it, not for attention or for the money.

    By the way, I fell in love with video editing due to some hard times years ago when I came to a very keen understanding of how short life can be. And video editing has become my way through which I have brought myself to appreciate more what surrounds me. When I go out shooting video, I’m more attentive to the moment because I’m looking for interesting things to shoot. Instead of being too preoccupied and oblivious to my surroundings.

    Anyway, I hope people learn to enjoy the moment and use their cameras to help them appreciate life more.

    And if anyone would like to discuss photo/video editing, feel free to send it to me.

    Thanks and keep it up!


    Here is Drew’s latest work.

    And that’s all this morning. I have to go to a basketball game, a golf show, a car dealership, and it’s sunny outside.

    Go laugh today. Go stretch your legs. Turn off your phones (after scrolling Screencaps) and have a day from hell in the life.

    See you on Monday morning.

    Email: [email protected]

    Numbers from:

    Real estate market.

    Builders’ confidence in newly built single-family homes jumped 7 points to 42 in February, the highest since September 2022. pic.twitter.com/5PlnMTU0VD

    — Kurt S. Altrichter, CRPS® (@kurtsaltrichter) February 16, 2023

    Things you’ve submitted and things I like:

    I have to collect them all! // : @wealth

    A 74-year-old man plays Pokémon Go on 64 phones mounted on his bike! Chen San-Yuan, a Taiwanese grandfather, was introduced to the game in 2016 by his grandson. pic.twitter.com/7WPd0VD127

    — Goldin (@GoldinCo) February 17, 2023

    On Wednesday CBP officers seized 105 pounds of methamphetamine in a vehicle’s gas tank. On Thursday, officers found 97.85 pounds of meth in the tank of another car. These are the result of vigilant officers working with K9 teams and non-intrusive technology to keep these drugs off the road pic.twitter.com/ioF6CvdQwm

    — Port Director Michael W. Humphries (@CBPPortDirNOG) February 17, 2023

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