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The NCAA has revealed the top 16 teams for this year’s NCAA Tournament bracket – let’s talk about it!

– Because it is important? Tends to hold serve. This is the 7th year they’ve done it and 15 of the 20 seeds no. 1 were just that in March. The other 4? They fell to 2 suits. Last year it was Auburn that dropped to second and Baylor (5th overall right now) took first place. Everything seems to be holding up quite well.

– I still hate that we don’t get a full disclosure of the bracket. If we can do a weekly top 25 ranking for the college football playoffs, why can’t we see who’s really on the bubble? We know who the best teams in the country are. It’s easy to understand. But what is the committee judging the bubble teams on?

– The Big 12 is so fucking beautiful. I heard Seth Davis ask the committee chairman how can they justify putting 10 Big 12 teams in the NCAA Tournament? Simple. They are fucking loaded. Watch this again. 5 of the top 12 teams in this reveal are from that conference. The best conference in America and it’s not close.

– Everything above is right. Alabama is clearly the No. 1 seed. Houston is clearly the No. 2. Purdue is being punished for losing lately, that counts. But they still get a 1 seed and Kansas will be the one to move all around. I have no issues with any of these 4 in that order. If I had to guess, Purdue would be the one going down to a 2 seed only because a loss in the Big 12 isn’t nearly as devastating as a loss in the Big 10.

– What about the top 4 teams that lost? Creighton, Miami, UConn and St. Mary’s. I understand. I don’t know how you judge Creighton. Of course they have lost a lot of games without Kalkbrenner, but every team has had injuries. St. Mary’s is the interesting one. They already have 3 sub-100 casualties. They don’t have that signature win outside of Gonzaga (home) and SDSU (neutral). Metrics obviously love them, so 5 seems right.

– UCLA being the last second seed is what I see people arguing about. It’s right. They didn’t hit anyone. Is their best win at Maryland? How disgusting. They’ve avoided bad defeats but haven’t gotten that win yet. They have a chance to beat Arizona at the end of the regular season, but until then you have to gauge what they did.

– This shows how chaotic this season is. Looks like maybe 2 of the 1 suits are locked up? Houston and Alabama are fine until they completely collapse. But I still think you have 2 of the 1 suits fully open. Shit, today could change if Baylor beats Kansas.

– This is one of the complaints I have.

– At first glance, that region of the Midwest would have been a war. 2 of the best defenses in the country in Tennessee and Houston. NBA talent. Sean Miller, who is one of the best coaches in the country. Big boys all around. That would be one hell of a Sweet 16. By far the hardest based on this range.

– Based on that and assuming everyone is 100% and not these little daily injuries give me Baylor, Houston, Arizona and Marquette. But this shows chaos. It won’t be those 4.

– It’s so cool to see a bracket again and more importantly hear that college basketball on the CBS theme song. Elite.

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