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Former NFL running back rips up AFC championship officials with “Burrowhead” Barb

Officiating in the Chiefs’ 23-20 win over the Bengals in the AFC Championship game became a hotly debated topic on social media Sunday night, with many inside the NFL world weighing in. Among them was former NFL running back Danny Woodhead, who managed a pretty clever pun to give his assessment of game officials.

A number of calls were called into question during last year’s title tilt rematch, including a late home run hit by Cincinnati defensive end Joseph Ossai that put Kansas City within shooting distance for the kick winning. Going into the half, the Chiefs were essentially given a “do-over” on a botched third down after an official tried to stop the snap but was drowned out by the rowdy crowd.

All in all, the shaky officiating led some within the NFL world to believe that the calls were clearly one-sided to Kansas City’s advantage.

By the time the game was winding down, Woodhead had seen enough. He took to Twitter and joked that Arrowhead Stadium might be better called “Refereehead,” instead of the “Burrowhead” moniker the Bengals tried to catch on during the week leading up to the game.

Cincinnati calling Kansas City’s beloved home stadium “Burrowhead” may have done nothing but give the Chiefs bulletin board material for Sunday’s win that will send them back to the Super Bowl for the third time in four years. Tight end Travis Kelce has already called out those who have been using the nickname all week when he interrupted Patrick Mahomes’ postgame interview to say, “Burrowhead my a–.”

Suffice it to say, Kelce may have had a similar message to Woodhead or anyone else suggesting that the AFC Championship game officials contributed to the Chiefs victory.

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