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Fun Party Ideas Just for Adults

So the kids are at Grandma’s house, or off to summer camp, and you finally found a weeknight where all of your friends can get together. What do you do? Here are some fun party ideas just for adults that will get your party-planning enthusiasm in gear. 

1. Fancy Dinner Party

There are lots of ways to go about planning a fancy dinner party. You could arrange for one at a luxurious restaurant, you could try your hand at cooking, or you can even hire a chef to come to your home for a once-in-a-lifetime personally catered dinner. Send out personalized invitations and get fancy dishware. Maybe even insist that your pals dress in semi-formal or formal wear. There are only so many times in life when you can dress up when you have kids. A dinner party is a great opportunity to do so.

2. Cocktails and Appetizers

The scaled-down version of the dinner party, inviting friends over to try exotic cocktails and a myriad of appetizers is a fun way to keep the culinary aspects intact while emphasizing the ability to be comfortable on the couch and chat it up. If you’re feeling collaborative, you can even invite your friends over early and have an appetizer-cooking party. Few things are more fun than laughter in the kitchen. 

3. Organise a pool party

If you have a pool in your backyard, maybe you have already thought of such  a party. However, you can organise it,even if you don’t have it, by renting a public one. It’s not a tough thing to throw a pool party, in case you organise it properly. First and foremost, you need to take care of safety, so that you can party without any problems. Then you should decide on party theme, decors, some games to envolve everyone and also the food. Of course, there is no pool party without beautiful and colorful floats. Try to fill the pool with lots of cute and trendy floats such as personalized beach balls, flamingos, donuts or emojis. Or maybe you want other types, such as custom-designed inflatable jet ski that can be with any design and color you want, and  maybe a huge pizza float for every one in the party.

4. Murder Mystery Party

Sure, a kid could technically participate in a murder mystery party, but it would take out the fun of the naughty elements, like the gruesomeness or hilarity of the murder, or who was caught being naughty with who in the basement of the house. You can buy pre-made murder mystery stories and delegate roles to pals, or even hire a company to design one for your group, completely custom! Another opportunity to dress up with the added fun of acting, this is a great way to channel your inner child while the little ones are away. 

5. Film Screening Party

Do you or one of your pals have one of those giant Tvs that makes everyone invite themselves over for a movie night? Why not put that to good use and plan a film screening party! The films can be chosen based on everyone’s favorite genre, a theme, or numerous other factors to amp up the entertainment. You can have great drinks and stay late into the night chatting about what worked and didn’t work onscreen. 

6. Have a Seance

Ok, this one is a little crazy, but inviting your girlfriends over for some witchy fun, especially in the autumnal season, can be a spooky and hilarious form of adult entertainment. You can approach it seriously by trying to talk to lost loved ones, or get silly and try to summon celebrities. This is definitely one to save for the adults, since kids are afraid enough of the monsters under the bed.

There are only a few options in an endless sea of ways that you can entertain your friends in the absence of your kids. Remember that the ultimate goal is to relax and have a breather away form the responsibility of parenthood.

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