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Have You Been Discharged From Hospital Too Early?

Going to hospital to receive treatment is the last thing we want. But what happens when you’re discharged from hospital and you still feel like you would benefit from more care? 

In a survey done in 2020, around 1 in 5 people felt that their discharge from hospital was too quick which meant their road to recovery was extended thanks to improper care. This happens more often than it should so it’s important that you understand what good discharge practices are, the signs that you are being pushed out and what you can do about it. 

Good discharge practices 

  • Review each individual daily and select people ready to leave – assess patients and only when it is safe to discharge them can you do so.
  • Multidisciplinary work to ensure the patient is discharged on time – the patient, community health and social care must create a plan to help the discharge go smoothly.
  • Home assessment – once home, regular check-ups are required to ensure that the patient is recovering properly outside of hospital. 

Signs you are being pushed out the door early

  • You can’t get in and out of bed – if you can’t do this alone then there’s no way that you can function without medical assistance at home. 
  • You can’t get your medication – whatever you’re recovering from will usually require medicine but if you are unable to get it then you won’t be able to heal at home. 
  • You still require support – If your hospital treatment requires equipment that you can’t get at home then you are not ready to be discharged. 

What can you do about it?

  • Say something – speak up and let the medical staff know about your concerns regarding this discharge. Hopefully, the staff will understand and help you to extend your hospital stay. 
  • Ask if there’s somewhere else to go – hospitals aren’t the only place where you can receive support. Ask if there are rehabilitation facilities or short term recovery centres to go to until you feel ready to go home. 
  • Seek help from no win no fee medical negligence solicitors – if you feel as though there is something wrong with your discharge, you may have a legal claim.

As a patient, it is important to know your NHS patients’ rights especially when you’re in the hospital. Everyone’s road to recovery is different and you must ensure that you’re not rushed during your healing period.  

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