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Zodiac Signs: Personality, Strengths and Weaknesses

The Zodiac signs have been predicting our fortunes for millennia, starting with Babylonian tradition and charting a course through to Western astrology. Today, our Zodiac signs give us clues about our personality, and horoscopes hint at our immediate future. Star signs could even give us insight into the way we interact in the workplace, as evidenced by a recent survey carried out by roller banner specialists instantprint. The survey of 2,000 office workers uncovered that nearly one in five of respondents believed star signs may relate to the way we collaborate at work. To that end, let’s explore each star sign and its respective traits.


Aries is an ambitious sign, and those born to it tend to be risk-takers with a creative streak. Aries is a fire sign, bringing with it a particular kind of tenaciousness useful to the workplace – though patience can run short with them.

Tauruses are reliable by nature, a stable sign with a practical edge – typical of Earth signs. Tauruses exude a certain calm, making them excellent colleagues but they can struggle with change.

Gemini is an air sign; naturally quick-thinking, they have excellent communicative skills. They are social by nature but can be prone to distraction by virtue of a shorter attention span.

If you or a friend of yours is a Gemini, professional Astrological websites such as Susan Muller’s Astrostyle may assist you to learn more about Gemini personality qualities. You can as well explore facts about Gemini zodiac sign and see how they relate with the fellow Geminis of your life. If reading isn’t your thing, you may listen to Astrologers like Lada Duncheva and Kelley Rosano’s Youtube channels. They can seem like two different people but are surprisingly similar two each other.

Cancers are born empaths, with a deep understanding of other people and an innate ability for listening. Cancer is a water sign, and those born under it go with the flow – though they can be overemotional themselves.

Leo, for lion, is a fire sign, and so engenders passion in those born under it. Leos are excellent public speakers and often competitive. Be wary of this leading to occasional overcompetitiveness at times.

Another Earth sign, Virgo is a sign under Mercury – meaning Virgos are well-organised and smart to boot. Virgos have a lock on task management and are perfectionists to the core which can present issues at times.

Libra, the sign of the scales, is a sign of diplomacy. Librans are excellent communicators and particularly good at communicating emotionally, thanks to their air sign status. They can be prone to people-pleasing, however.

Scorpio is a water sign, denoting emotional connection and availability. Scorpios are naturally confident people, intuitive and happy to take the lead – though they can at times struggle with collaboration and prefer to work alone.

Sagittarians are born into the element of fire, reflecting their forward nature as educators. They are inspirational and adventurous, happy to give advice but often difficult to pin down to a routine.

Capricorn is another Earth sign, with those born under it dedicated and well-organised. Capricorns are ambitious and structured, though they can find it difficult to switch off from their work.

Aquarians, despite the name, are actually born into the air element – indicating their excellence with talking to others. They are problem solvers and exhibit creative tendencies. Despite their communication skills, they can be somewhat distant.


Pisces is the last water sign and the ultimate creative. Pisces think outside the box and provide creative solutions to problems. They are emotional, empathetic and work with a sense of freedom.

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