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How To Cut Your Cost Of Living

  1. Switch To Budget Retailers and Supermarket Branded Products

Changing how you shop can save you a lot of money, especially with the rising cost of living. One way to do this would be to shop with budget retailers and supermarkets’ branded products. Budget retailers offer reduced prices for their products compared to other big players, a reason you should consider shopping with them instead of the popular but expensive supermarkets and brands. Although you might have been used to buying products from a specific manufacturer or producer, switching to supermarket-branded products can save you some money too. Most supermarkets have a range of products, similar to popular branded ones, but at a reduced cost. Consider the more affordable supermarket branded products instead of popular brands to save money. 

  1. Change Your Driving Tactics to Save Fuel

Changing your driving style by being gentle on the accelerator and easy on the brakes can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, thus more money in your pocket. Accelerating hard wastes at least 15% fuel. While you don’t want to drive at low speeds, let the car pick up speed gradually without straining the engine. Consider driving on the highways at reasonable speeds, say 60mph, to save gas. Stop the habit of idling the engine for too long too. Utilising open banking can streamline the financial aspects of your fuel expenses, providing insights into your spending patterns and helping you budget effectively. Additionally, considering a revenue based loan might offer flexible financing options for implementing fuel-saving techniques or investing in fuel-efficient vehicle upgrades.

  1. Consider Paying for Insurance Annually

Unknown to many, monthly insurance premiums (home and car insurance) cost much more than if you switch to annual payments. According to research, most insurance companies will charge at least 5% more on monthly payments than annual payments. Paying your insurance on a per-year basis will thus leave you with more in the long run. If paying one lump sum seems too much, then consider spreading the cost with a 0% purchase credit card. 

  1. Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

The digital era has made it easy for one to subscribe to dozens of services, all at the click of a button. While these subscriptions might have seemed ‘necessary’ initially, you might have outgrown them or not need the service anymore. Most companies will continue surcharging your account automatically, depending on your subscription. Reviewing all your subscriptions (check your bank statement for that) and canceling all unnecessary ones, including memberships, could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. 

  1. Take Advantage of Discount Coupons

Online shopping has its perks. In addition to getting everything you want delivered to your doorstep, you also enjoy unbelievable discounts and deals. Most retailers offer numerous discounts on their websites, a reason you should give them a try. Whatever you are shopping for, tech, travel, fashion, food, and drink, you can sure get discount codes, coupons, and deals. All you need is to be flexible enough to shop with retailers offering these discounts and offers. 

  1. Donate To Charity

With such tough times, donating your items might be the last thing on your mind. Well, it shouldn’t. Donating to charities for free allows you to earn discount codes or deals from Savoo. You can choose to donate to the over 400 charities in the country, ranging from Mind and Diabetes UK, shelter, NSPCC, and Marie Curie. Using Bing-powered search engines can also help raise money to donate to a charity of your choice too. It is the simple deeds that make life worthwhile, even when you don’t have a way. 

  1. Book Holiday Extras in Advance

Going on a holiday? Consider booking holiday extras in advance to enjoy serious discounts. This includes airport parking, travel money, or even car hire. Booking in advance also gives you much-needed flexibility, especially when traveling to another state or overseas. You could also protect the bookings by taking out travel insurance. This way, you can be assured of money-back should you choose to cancel the holiday trip due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances. 

  1. Switch To Energy Saving Lightbulbs and Turn Standby OFF

A study conducted and published by Energy Saving Trust shows that at least 15% of the average home’s energy usage goes to lighting. Upgrading from incandescent or even fluorescent lights to LEDs can save you at least £50 a year. This is not all; turning off all energy hogs in the house, especially devices and appliances on standby, can save you an extra £70 a year. While unplugging this equipment and appliances from the sockets may work fine, investing in a smart or programmable plug will do an even better job. This will save you time, energy, and, most importantly, money in the long run. 

  1. Terminate Phone Contracts in Favor of A Sim-Only Deal

Phone contracts can be financially draining, especially if you have little money to spend. If you however are in love with your phone but not the contracts, you can then avoid phone contracts and instead go for a cheaper SIM-only contract. SIM-only contracts are considerably cheaper as they don’t come with a handset and also come with a monthly allowance for calls, data, and texts. 

Almost all major networks have a sim-only offer you can take advantage of. What’s more, these contracts only have 30 days. You can thus choose to switch to another cheaper and affordable provider at the end of the month. You also won’t be tied to one network all year.

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