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How to Plan a Wedding That Expresses Your Authentic Selves

All too often, couples allow the pressures of pleasing others and adhering to “cultural norms” to dictate what their wedding should look like. They invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in designing a wedding that’s aesthetically appealing but doesn’t speak to who they are or what their love story represents. Though it’s common to want to appeal to others, your wedding day is all about you. So whether you are planning a church wedding or going for something more conventional, how do you create a wedding that expresses your authentic selves? Continue reading for a few suggestions. 

Weddings Showcase Who You Are

A wedding serves as an introduction to the rest of the world who you are as a couple. You’re inviting guests into your intimate relationship so they can witness and celebrate the union of two amazing people. From your style and creativity to your values and the causes you support, your ceremony and reception should give guests a glimpse at who you guys are and why you fell in love. 

Work Together

The first step to planning an authentic wedding is working as a team. Though culture would have you believe that weddings are all about the woman, this is far from the truth. Weddings are about celebrating both of you. If you’re going to plan a ceremony and reception that reflects your individuality and union, you have to collaborate. 

Before browsing wedding websites or making any decisions on the wedding, sit and talk about what your interests are, what your ideas of a wedding look like, and what morals, values, religious aspects, or causes you’re passionate about. Then, discuss how you can incorporate this into your wedding. 

Select a Venue That Means Something

Instead of selecting a venue due to its popularity or tradition, choose a place that has meaning to you. Whether you decide to get married in the park where you first met, on a farm that’s been in your family for generations, or a hotel where you took your first couple’s vacation, it gives a glimpse into your authenticity and love story. 

Think Outside The Box With Decor

From the color palette to wedding themes, don’t be afraid to throw caution and tradition to the wind. If you want a wedding that reflects your authentic selves, you must be willing to think outside the box. Whether your favorite color is lime green, you love daisies, or you’re a sports fan, there are ways to incorporate these interests into your wedding and reception. 

Support Causes and Beliefs

A great way to personalize your wedding is to showcase your support for certain beliefs and causes. If you’re planning a brunch wedding and you are passionate about fair labor and wages, then you could serve fair trade coffee to your guests. If you’re part of the LBGTQ+ community, you might want to incorporate rainbows into the decor, foods, or bridal party attire. If the two of you were animal lovers, you might ask that guests donate to a charity that supports rescue animals in lieu of receiving gifts. 

Have Fun With Wedding Fashion

There seems to be this unwritten rule that brides have to wear a white wedding dress and grooms must wear a black and white tuxedo. However, if these traditions don’t speak to who you are as a couple, they shouldn’t be options for your wedding. If you’re a bride who likes to wear pants and prefers wedges to pumps, then don’t be afraid to find a nice pants suit or romper with some killer wedge sneakers or sandals that make you feel great. 

The same goes for the groom and bridal party. As your clothes are often an outward expression of who you are, don’t be afraid to step outside the box and choose to get married in something that makes you look as good as you feel. 

Your wedding is not about what your friends, family, or society will think. It’s about sharing with others who you are and what makes your union so great. So, as you plan your wedding, remember to do so in a way that exposes your authentic selves and gives guests a glimpse at why the two of you are a match made in heaven. 


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