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6 Exciting Real Estate-Based Career Options

The housing market isn’t known for its consistency. It has occasional bubbles, but it also has a lot of boom cycles too. Over time, though, it generally rises in activity and value.

Rising home prices are great for sellers, but it’s not always great for buyers. However, buyers and sellers aren’t the only ones involved in this industry. For those trying to make a living in the real estate sector, there are many exciting career options that involve satisfying work and a good income.

  1. Realtor

If you’re a people person, then being a realtor might be right for you. The licensing requirements for these professionals vary from one state to the next, but you can help people involved in real estate transactions:

  • You can help homeowners prepare, list, and sell their property.
  • Alternatively, you can help home buyers find their dream home, make an offer, negotiate the price, and close the deal.
  • Meanwhile, you’ll network with private citizens, other realtors, and professionals in related industries to bring solutions together.

How much do realtors make? The national average compensation is over $84,000 per year.

  1. Loan Officer

Whether someone wants to buy a home for themselves or flip and resell, they’re usually going to need a loan to back up their purchase. Loan officers are the ones who

  • Analyze
  • Evaluate
  • And recommend or authorize approval of many loan applications.

Loan officers work for financial institutions, such as:

  • Mortgage companies
  • Credit unions
  • Commercial banks

Mortgage loan officers do have to go through a licensing process to practice their line of work.

How much do loan officers make? The national average salary for loan officers is north of $178,000 per year.

  1. Developer

Developers are usually the professionals with the foresight and means to turn a larger property tract into a residential community with many homes. Getting involved with this has a steep entry fee regarding how much money is required to make it happen. Yet, the rewards are there. The average property developer usually enjoys $16 million in revenue per community, and they typically keep $3 million as profit once everything is developed, built, and sold.

  1. Builder

As the population grows, the need for more homes also rises. Builders are the professionals that put them up, and it’s not always in new developments. Homebuilders also replace demolished homes, handle renovations, and make add-ons to existing homes possible.

How much does the average home builder make per year? If you like the sound of $50,000 and enjoy the tangible construction process, then this might be the field for you.

  1. Stager

Staging a home with furniture and decor helps potential buyers envision themselves in that home.

  • Staged homes sell faster.
  • Staged homes get more offers.
  • Staged homes sell for more money on average.

You can choose to be an interior designer, a full-time stager, or a staging assistant. You can make anywhere from $20 per hour to over $100,000 per year, depending on which one you choose.

  1. Landscaping

Even in the digital age, curb appeal still matters quite a bit. How a yard looks to potential buyers matters:

  • In online photos
  • When they drive by before deciding to tour the interior
  • When they make a first impression before actually entering the home
  • When they visualize their own possible life in that yard

How much do landscapers make? It depends on the market, services offered, and experience level. Nationally, landscapers average anywhere from $25,000 per year up to $110,000.

Key Takeaways

There’s plenty of money to be made in the real estate sector, and this doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. However, you don’t have to be a buyer or seller to make money off the field. Consider trying your hand at being a:

  1. Realtor
  2. Loan officer
  3. Developer
  4. Builder
  5. Stager
  6. Landscaper

Each of these careers has serious involvement with the real estate sector, and any of them can prove to be an exciting source of income for years to come.

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