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How You Can Fight Against Fake News and Make a Difference

Fake news misleads us to believing an innocent person is evil. It even makes the most terrible of people heroes. It’s a moral duty of everyone to raise voice against such channels that are destroying us as a society, taking power away from a layman, and making evil more powerful. Here is how you can play your part. 

Discourse on Online Platforms

Many people like John Doe have created online platforms where you get to read real news and articles on genuine issues. It is people like you who write these articles from all around the world, and the editors of these platforms check their authenticity before publishing them. 

You should also share your opinion, views, and knowledge on these sites to raise voice against big fake news channels and promote these small but authentic platforms. 

Check Source before Believing

You read dozens of news every day. Don’t believe them even if you are reading a trusted or popular news channel. Do your own research and digging and before you believe them. If you find that the news was real and provided useful information, you should share and promote it. 

Openly Identify How the News is Fake

Declare open war against fake news and share it with the world every time you identify one. When you see that a channel is misleading people for their business, encounter it on social media and share the fact with the real news. s

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