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Illinois teenager involved in a carjacking caught by K-9 in Rockford

According to a Rockford Police Department press release, two elderly women in Rockford had a terrifying encounter with a teenager wanted for several felonies.

The incident occurred on Wednesday (2/8) when two women, one in their 70s and the other in their 80s, were sitting in a car on the 200 block of Welty Avenue when a male suspect jumped out the back of their vehicle.

According to police, the suspect is a 16-year-old boy who beat one of the women to take away her keys before fleeing in the stolen vehicle.

Police say the suspect then parked the stolen vehicle in the 1100 block of N. 2nd Street and approached a 57-year-old man who was sitting in his vehicle and pulled a gun on him before demanding his car keys. .

The young suspect stole the man’s vehicle once he left and drove it to Forest Hills Road where he was spotted by law enforcement. As the young man attempted to flee, he hit a police car, according to the press release.

Moments later, the vehicle crashed into a tree near Marsh and N. Alpine and the driver fled on foot.

Rockford Police then brought in a K-9 that was able to track the suspect to the 4400 block of Berkshire Close, where he was hiding under a bridge. The suspect suffered a minor injury from the K-9 and was transported to a local hospital for his injuries.

The K-9 was also able to locate a gun with a defaced serial number, according to the report.

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