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Leaders want answers on Malcolm Johnson’s death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) — Nearly two years after a deadly police shooting, supporters question the investigation: ‘Why is it taking so long?’

It has been nearly two years since Malcolm Johnson was shot and killed by police inside a gas station at E. 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue in Kansas City.

The police had an arrest warrant for Johnson. He was a suspect in a shooting case.

The video taken by bystanders shows a struggle, three shots and screams. Finally, Johnson was dead. One Kansas City officer was shot and wounded.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, questions about police procedure were raised. The reaction of religious leaders was almost immediate, asking why the police had a fight inside a gas station.

Now, a group called It’s Time 4 Justice is asking more questions. First, because there has been no decision by a special prosecutor on the charges in the case.

“The investigation is still open with no answers, no justice and no relief for Malcolm Johnson’s family,” said It’s Time 4 Justice Fellow Sheryl Ferguson.

The group points to other cases, most notably the Memphis case involving the death of Tire Nichols. Nichols, a 29-year-old man, was beaten by Memphis police officers last month and died. The investigation into that case took weeks, not years.

“And so, here we are in a similar situation where we have video footage showing what happened,” said Khadijah Hardaway, another It’s Time 4 Justice member. “And, for some reason, our prosecutor here finds it necessary to find a special prosecutor instead of doing his job duty right away.”

The Jackson County Attorney’s Office points the finger at the special prosecutor, who is out of St. Louis.

We contacted Rachel Smith, the St. Louis special prosecutor. Her spokesperson replied: “We are preparing the results of our investigation and review of the case.”

Kansas City Police tell KCTV5 that the officers involved are back on full duty. They also said further details are limited because this is an open investigation.

“The community is really frustrated with what’s going on here,” said Mitch Sudduth, also with It’s Time 4 Justice. “We need answers. It’s just that simple.

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