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Michael Boganowski sums up the visit to Kansas, planning more trips

Michael Boganowski has been adding more offers to his list through January. The Junction City star player is in line to be the highest ranked prospect in Kansas in the class of 2024.

Boganowski has been busy with basketball and hasn’t had the opportunity to make many unofficial visits. But the Kansas staff were lucky to have him visit in December.

Visited Lawrence for their Junior Day event.

“It was cut short a bit because I had a basketball game in Wichita, but I was able to spend time there,” he said. “We made the trip in the morning. We got there and watched them practice for their bowl game. And then they took us to the facilities for a while and we got to chat with the coaches.”

Boganowski said he spoke with linebackers coach Chris Simpson and quarterbacks coach Jim Zebrowski during the visit.

“Those were the main two that I spoke to,” he said. “They are really great people. Coach Simpson told me about how he coached in Omaha in the past. He’s a good guy. We have to build a good relationship in two months.

After meeting the coaches, the recruits watched the basketball game against Indiana.

“They took us on the bus to Allen Fieldhouse and we saw a KU basketball game, which was pretty cool,” Boganowski said. “It was really loud out there. The atmosphere was crazy. It was nice to be a part of it. Then we had a photo shoot. The staff treated me really well. And then after that, I got to see a little bit of the nutrition part and then we had to leave.

With his basketball schedule, Boganowski said he hasn’t had the chance to make many visits. This month he added offers from Oklahoma, Duke and was again offered by Nebraska.

“I haven’t been able to visit many places on the weekends because of basketball,” he said. “We had some tournaments over the weekend, so I didn’t get to see many places. But this is a weekend off, so I’m going to Northwestern for their junior day. And this is the last until the little dead period.

The hiring calendar does not include campus visits in February. Once the high school basketball season is over and touring resumes, he plans to be active and see more colleges on his roster.

“I think I’ll just try to go out and see as many as possible,” she said. “That way I can see what each school has to offer and maybe what it doesn’t have to offer. I can only list the pros and cons of each school and then see what’s best for me. I intend to go up to Mizzou. I also plan to go to K-State, Oklahoma, Utah, Duke, and then Oklahoma State is going to send me some dates here in a bit.

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