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Wichita’s “Santa Ma Ho Ho Homes” is ready for the AFC championship

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Kansas City Chiefs are aiming for their third Super Bowl appearance in the past four years. Tens of thousands of raucous fans will roar from the stands at Arrowhead Stadium, and that includes a legion of Chiefs “Super Fans.”

Along with all of their success on the field, the number of Chiefs “Super Fans” has grown. From “Arrowman” to “WeirdWolf” to “Chiefs Pope,” they’re everywhere around Arrowhead on game day.

One of them comes right from here to Wichita.

In a sea of ​​red at Arrowhead Stadium you’ll find some fans that really stand out from the crowd.

There is also Santa Claus. But it’s not from the North Pole. No, this comes from Wichita for every game.

Don Lobmeyer is a retired Army National Guardsman who served on four tours, including stints in Iraq, Africa and Kuwait. On Sundays, Don paints his beard, puts on a big red inflatable costume, laces up his shoes, and transforms into “Santa Ma Ho Ho Homes!”

After dressing up as Santa Claus for his family for 20 years, Don created his own Arrowhead logo cap to wear to Chiefs home games. After returning home from his last job in 2019, he attended an event with the Wichita Red, White, and Blue Veterans Group.

“We signed up for the Santa Run, the Jingle Bell Run downtown. So, I put the dress on and said, “Well, let me see if I can make a Chiefs Santa suit out of this,” and that’s when I did the Ma-Ho-Ho-Homes on the back, the ribbon with the name and 15 and saying ‘Merry Chiefsmas’ and he just put it all together, and it just went on from there,” Lobmeyer said.

Santa Ma-Ho-Ho-Homes says they love being a member of the Chiefs’ legion of “Super Fans.”

“It’s great. These guys are great. We do a lot of charity work, there’s a lot of veterans in the group as well who help out a lot too. So, it’s really cool to be with those guys and keep doing things for our community and everything after that.” Continue to serve,” he said.

Now, this Santa doesn’t just come once a year. There’s a reason for that.

“He’s just bringing joy to the kids and the rest of the fans,” Lobmeyer said. “I can say ‘Merry Chiefsmas’ and ‘Ma-Ho-Ho-Homes!’ during a photo, and they start laughing naturally. It’s just the best feeling of all, you know, with those guys.

So how do the Santa Ma-Ho-Ho-Homes feel about Sunday’s matchup?

“I am ready for the AFC championship. So, we have to beat Cincinnati this time, you know. We’re 0 and 3, right,” he said. “I think we get the idea. Our defense and offense are doing well.

He looks a lot like the jolly boy in the red suit from the North Pole.

“Ma-Ho-Ho-Homes and a ‘Merry Chiefsmas’ at Chiefs Kingdom! We will carry the last present in the bag. So, bosses must be good for me to do that. Two more games. They have to be good at it. So, see you, hopefully at the Super Bowl,” Lobmeyer said.

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