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Motorists beg for change at a busy intersection in West Wichita



8 hours 52 minutes written by Jackson Overstreet

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) – 21st and 167th is a busy intersection in west Wichita. One that people who live nearby say is becoming more and more of a problem.

“Crossing 21st from the 167th is often very dangerous.”

The issue led to Carrie Patton and Shelley Farley trying to do something about it.

“After the big crash again two weeks ago where a man from Andale was seriously injured and it will change his life forever,” Carrie said. “We have decided that now is the time for a change.”

The two and several other residents contacted Sedgwick County to try to get a new set of stop signs or lights.

Now the Region is evaluating what can be done.

“We have a new study underway right now. We’re looking at both some of the short-term actions we’re taking as well as longer-term recommendations,” said Lynn Packer, Sedgwick County’s interim director of public works.

Officials Wednesday afternoon addressed requests for changes at 21st and 167th, as well as another intersection, South 79th and Greenwich.

County Commissioner David Dennis says public works will add additional reflective signage around 167th to try to get people’s attention while figuring out whether putting stop signs on 21st will help.

However, Dennis says the real solution is to make drivers safer.

“People are running that stop sign between 167th and 21st Street and they’re fucking somebody else,” Dennis said “They don’t stop. How do we get them to stop?”

Patton and Faley say they will continue to push the county to do something meaningful beyond temporary signals.

“We’ve made big changes to stop losing lives. That’s our goal.”

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