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MrBeast Net Worth 2020 – Who is Jimmy Donaldson and How Much Does He Make?

What is MrBeast Net Worth in 2020? They call him MrBeast – But his name is Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy was born on the 7th of May, 1998, in Greenville, North Carolina. The famous YouTube star was a student of the Greenville Christian Academy, and he graduated from there in 2016. Baseball and basketball were his favorites then.

One would have thought (his mother inclusive) young Jimmy would be so happy to get into college like many other students, but this wasn’t the case.  Jimmy got enrolled in college a few months after his graduation, late 2016, to be precise.

However, he barely lasted for two weeks in college before he decided it wasn’t for him.  He dropped out! Just to focus more on what he loves!  Told his mum, “I’d rather be poor than doing anything besides YouTube.” This remains one of his best quotes as regards following passion. Luckily, his mom supported his move and made him move out of North Carolina. Mother’s love!  She really wanted him to be successful.

Today, young Jimmy is now popularly known as MrBeast. A famous American YouTube superstar, social media personality, and a well-known philanthropist with a YouTube channel of over 7 million subscribers and with more than 4 billion YouTube video views.

How Did The Journey Start?

The journey started as far back as 2012 when he was just 13 years of age. This was when he uploaded his first YouTube video.  In his early days as a YouTuber, he struggled to get views on his videos, it wasn’t a smooth ride, as he attempted, unsuccessfully, to master the way of YouTube for the first few years of his career. He tried several times, creating different content that would attract the biggest audience. He really wanted to know what people want.

In his quest to master the YouTube algorithm and get the content that people wanted, MrBeast went through a series of trends on his YouTube channel. From doing funny compilations of highlight in playing video games like Minecraft, Call of duty, to offering tips and tricks to aspiring creators, to estimating YouTubers’ wealth.

Things started to fall in place for MrBeast around 2015 & 2016 when he did his “worst intros” series, which rounded up and poked fun at YouTuber introductions he discovered on the platform. He really made fun of these intros used by popular YouTube channels. The strategy worked well, as the result was excellent.

One of the series has more than 23 million views, and by mid-2016, He has had over 30,000 subscribers. Still on the YouTube algorithm, MrBeast breakthrough came a few months later, around January 2017, when he uploaded a video of himself counting to 100,000. The video took him 44 hours in total to complete. The video went viral just as he thought it would.

After the 100,000 video, MrBeast found the algorithm he has been looking for. At last, content that the YouTube algorithm liked. He leveraged this and gained more views and followers with several similar stunts. Notable mentions are the spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours and watching a music video of Jake Paul 10 straight hours. Now, the result of this algorithm was outstanding that as at the end of the year, he has reached a million YouTube subscribers!

MrBeast YouTube Videos

Today, MrBeast now has a few types of videos on his channel. Most of his content on YouTube is about donating money to streamers or homeless people, completing a challenge, or performing experiments for long hours. The exhausting long hours’ stunt videos, the last person to leave challenges, last to remove hand, last to get out, and few other types. The last to challenges, all of which most times he gives out thousands of dollars.

MrBeast also puts on attention-grabbing donation and charity stunts, and this is why he’s also known as a philanthropist. He once opened up a car dealership where he gave out cars for free and is known to help small streamers on YouTube and Twitch with thousands of dollars. He gives to anybody, waitresses, Uber drivers, a pizza delivery once got a house from him.

How much does MrBeast make?  A look at his financial life shows he makes his money from YouTube and Instagram, brand deals, and he also has his Merch, where he runs his merchandise store.

Here are quick stats on how much he makes from YouTube.

The number of his subscribers currently stands at 32.8 Million

Number of uploaded videos: 696

Video views are close to 5 Billion, with over 60,000 comments.

With these stats, MrBeast is making, on average, $52,000 – $832,000 per month, while he’s earning around $623.8K – $10M in a year.

Instagram Earnings

The number of followers: 9,580,209

Following: 368

Engagement rate: 13.97%

Avg likes: 1,094,400.00

Avg comments: 243,897

On Instagram, influencers get paid based on their followers and engagement rate, and from the stat, he’s earning nothing less than $9000 per post.

Brand Deals

The cost of producing videos can be quite high, and this is why popular YouTubers have some brands or sponsors that help out in their cause; in return, the brands gain a lot of exposure too. MrBeast is being sponsored by Quidd, TikTok, and Honey – a company with a browser extension that automatically finds the best deal on Amazon.

About his personal store – MrBeast Merch, he runs a merchandise store where he sells his hoodies, headwear, apparel, and tees. According to Money Inc. and statsmash, when you combine all his income and revenue sources, the official MrBeast Net Worth in 2020 is $22 Million.

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