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OPINION: 38th Consecutive Year for Financial Excellence | Opinion

We pride ourselves on being fiscally responsible and transparent at Derby Public Schools, whilst also always striving to improve and grow. We have recently completed our June 30, 2022 audit, completed by an independent certified public accounting firm. I am extremely proud of the school district finance team for providing a clean audit report.

Our team spent a significant amount of time working to get everything perfect to ensure our constituents’ money was spent effectively. This annual audit also ensures compliance with our Derby Public Schools, Kansas state and federal guidelines regarding anything financially related. This compliance compensation signals to all parties, not just locally but nationally, that we are fiscally responsible. We look forward to building on this success for years to come.

We were also recently recognized by the Government Finance Officers of America (GFOA) with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. We submit our completed audit report to GFOA for independent review prior to the determination of this award. Derby Public Schools have earned this accolade since 1983, having received this award for 38 consecutive years. We are one of only 34 organizations in the state to receive this award. Our application is reviewed against a checklist to determine compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and program policy established by the GFOA’s Special Review Executive Committee. We recently submitted our audit report dated June 30, 2022 in anticipation of receiving award number 39.

We pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to district finances. For those interested in reading the audit documents or any of our financial reports, this information can be found on the Derby Public Schools website, www.derbyschools.com, in the Department of Finance. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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