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PA Governor Satisfies Super Bowl Betting with Governors of KS, MO

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro is fulfilling the 57 Super Bowl bets he made with Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.

On Thursday, February 9, just days before Super Bowl 57, Gov. Laura Kelly said she made a bet with Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro. Kelly said the bet was that if the Chiefs win, Shapiro must order and send soft pretzels, Philly cheesesteaks and donuts to Kelly, if the Philadelphia Eagles win, Kelly must send Shapiro steaks from Creekstone Farms in Arkansas City and coated sunflower seeds of chocolate from Overland Park’s Sunflower Food Company.

Another part of the bet was between Shapiro and Missouri Governor Mike Parson. The wager was that the governor of the losing team would have to hang a flag of the winning team in their office and keep it there for a day.

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 57 and Shapiro had to fulfill the bets. The governor said in a video that ordering food for Governor Kelly hurt, while also staring at the Chiefs flag in his office.

“I just hung up after placing the last order for food I need to send to Governor Laura Kelly in Kansas…because obviously the Kansas City Chiefs only beat our beloved Eagles in the Super Bowl by a field goal. It hurt me to make that call, but what hurts me even more is that as I sat behind this desk today…I had to look at that Kansas City Chiefs flag signed by Governor Parsons and myself.”

The Pennsylvania governor concluded the video by saying he hopes for a matchup between the Eagles and the Stealers next year.

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