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Paying Bills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Employment, like many other aspects of life, has felt the full effect of the coronavirus pandemic. You may be among the many who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, and probably your greatest endeavor now is to find a way to replace part or all of your income before you can secure another full-time job. £500 payday loans are a short term solution to help makes ends meet while you find alternative funding. If you’re an executive, you may find it difficult to replace all of your income with alternative work, unless you can get a well-paid consulting job. However, with some of the ideas and inspirations below, you may put your skills to work and earn meaningful income for now.

Use Your Skills Differently

Perhaps the only positive that can be picked up from losing your job is that you’re now presented with a chance of trying out different skills. For instance, if you’re good at using programs like Canva, you understand vital marketing basics, and you have your way with colors, layout, and typography, then freelance logo design is something you can get into and earn some income.

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr enable individuals to offer freelance services in various industries and niches. Keep in mind that the online service industry is highly competitive, and it is imperative that you find ways of making yourself unique among other freelancers so that you can enjoy success.

 If your interests lie elsewhere or you have other skills, such as caring for and nurturing animals, there are also plenty of ways for you to earn some income. For instance, you could consider becoming a dog walker or a pet sitter in a bid to make some extra money. If you prefer bringing pets into your home, it doesn’t take much time and effort to offer pet-sitting services. When preparing your home to be pet-friendly, it is important that you start by identifying houseplants, cleaning products, and other substances that may be harmful or pose a choking risk for cats and dogs. Locking up cabinets and keeping garbage can lids tightly closed is also essential to prevent pets from getting into anything they shouldn’t.

Monetize a Hobby

It is possible to turn a hobby into an income-earning endeavor, just like your skills can be used to make money as a freelancer. If you have your way with crafts, photography, home improvement, or any other skills, it is possible to turn what you love to do into gainful work. For instance, it is possible to sell stock photos online if you own a good camera and have an eye for composition. If your hobby is knitting, you can sell your items on Etsy to generate some more income. Individuals with sewing skills have made substantial amounts of money by venturing into the mask-making business during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

While money made from your hobby may not replace your full-time income, you can easily turn your hobby into a successful venture if you find success with that which you love to pursue and are passionate about.  

Consider Filling an employment Gap

It’s undeniable that plenty of employment sectors are going through massive cutbacks, but there are others that aren’t finding enough people to meet an unexpected demand for employees. Kiplinger reports that over 30 companies are putting up thousands of job listings to meet demand due to increased business. For instance, online-only retailers such as Amazon are facing a sharp rise in orders, meaning that there is a greater demand for workers to meet this demand and deliver the orders. While a job like an order delivery man may seem like a massive downgrade for an executive, it could still put some money in your pocket.

Marketing your skills is paramount whenever you venture into a new industry. Craft your resume carefully, and show how some of your skills can be applied in the new career. Showing how important your skills will be in your new position is vital, even if you’re looking to work on a temporal basis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in lots of uncertainty, but loss of jobs has proven to be even tougher. Until you can secure a new job, some creativity can come in handy in applying your skills elsewhere to keep the wolf at bay.

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