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Road conditions in Wichita improve Wednesday

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – The city of Wichita said crews finished treating roads after a winter weather event this week.

Some patches of snow and sand remain on Wichita roads. City leaders said most of it within its jurisdiction is dry.

“I saw the trucks out last night,” Wichitan Shakeya Bell said. “Wichita is pretty much on it when they hear the snow is coming, so this morning was pretty cool.”

This time the city has not activated its Emergency Incident Reporting Plan, or EARP. The program allows Wichita drivers to stop at QuikTrip or local police stations to report weather incidents instead of calling 911.

“We institute that whenever we see, you know, dangerous conditions, a lot of clear spots,” Wichita spokeswoman Megan Lovely said. “We want to make sure people are paying attention.”

Lovely said the city hasn’t seen a major weather incident in the past 24 hours. KAKE News saw some wreckage on the Wichita freeways Wednesday morning.

“When you get to places that the city doesn’t treat like Kellogg, where there are a lot of causeways, there might be more causeways somewhere,” Lovely said. “But again, this is outside our jurisdiction within the city of Wichita.”

Crews stayed out until 4:30 on Wednesday tending the roads. Lovely also said the city was able to pre-treat its streets ahead of the storm.

“Combined with the pretreatment, the higher temperatures and lower amounts of buildup made this storm quite easy for us,” he said.

Wichita drivers said road conditions were good Wednesday afternoon. Joshua Armbeck, a Denver native, said he’ll miss the snow.

“I had to scrape the car out, get up early, get it ready,” Armbeck said.

“I’m used to it. It’s normal for me.”

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