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Safety Tips: 6 Things You Need To Check In Your Home

No one wants to be in a home that is not safe, but it can happen. Any homeowner needs to know the warning signs of unsafe living conditions and what steps they can take if they notice them. These include checking water quality and filters, checking locks on windows and doors, inspecting all outside lights, inspecting all bushes near exterior doors, examining fixtures for wear or damage, and verifying that the garage door is locked when the house is empty. These are just some basic checks that homeowners should do regularly to ensure their homes are safe.

Check Water Quality And Filters

Water is a necessity in most homes and you must know the quality of your water. You should have a drinking guide on how safe or unsafe bathing, cooking, and drinking water is for your family. Water purification filters are necessary even if you are on a good system. Many people have no idea what types of chemicals might be in their drinking water. You need to protect your family from any kind of illnesses or diseases by ensuring the quality and safety of your water.

Locks On Windows And Doors

You should have locks on all exterior doors, including patio doors and windows. You need to make sure that the locks are not easy for a burglar to pick or break, and they should be tested regularly. You also need to make sure that your family knows how to use them properly. If you have an out-of-state rental property, then consider changing the locks once a year just in case someone steals the keys.

Property Inspections

Inspect your property for loose gutters, broken windows, missing fence boards, and peeling paint. If you find any of these issues then you should have them fixed or replaced immediately. You want to make sure that they are all in good condition so that they will not cause a hazard for your family.

Examine Fixtures For Wear Or Damage

Check all light fixtures for wear or damage. Many people have an easily accessible fuse box with a spare fuse in case the lights go out. You also want to make sure that you know where your circuit breakers are located, and what section of the house they control. All exterior lights should be on a separate fuse from any interior lights. If you have an electrical outlet that smells burning, then you could have a wiring problem. You should make sure that your family knows where all the electrical outlets are located, and what to do in case of a fire.

Check For Wear Or Damage In The Garage Door

Examine the garage door for any type of damage or wear. This includes checking to see if it is damaged from being forced open or if a car has come into contact with it. You should always check to make sure that the garage door is locked when you are not home, and if you have children or pets they should know how to do this as well.

You should never leave a house open and unattended when you are not there. If you see someone suspicious in the area, then make sure to lock all doors and windows before leaving, even if it’s just to run across the street for a minute. Make sure that the garage door is locked as well, or better yet set up an automatic timer so that it goes down on its own after 5-10 minutes of being left open. This way burglars will not have enough time to get inside your home. 

Check the exterior 

Inspect the outside of your home from time to time, especially at night to make sure that all exterior lights are on. Any bushes near the doors should be trimmed back so they cannot conceal a person from being seen from the windows or doorways. You need to do regular inspections of these areas just as a maintenance check for the overall safety of your family and your property.

You also want to examine all fixtures in your home, including light fixtures, smoke alarms, and security systems regularly. This means that you should change the batteries in all of them monthly. If you have a malfunctioning smoke alarm then make sure to replace it right away because it could put you and everyone else living at the house in danger if there was ever a fire.

Whether you’re renting or owning a home, many things need to be checked for safety. Inspecting your property regularly will help ensure anything else needs fixing before something becomes an issue. As long as you know what to look for regularly, then you will surely be able to ensure the overall safety of your house and protect yourself from anything dangerous occurring right away.

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