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State legislators participate in the “Legislative Forum” on the campus of North Central Missouri College

State lawmakers in the area attended a legislative forum on the campus of North Central Missouri College in Trenton on February 24. They were asked how they would help make higher education a priority for Missouri.

12th District State Senator Rusty Black of Chillicothe gave an example of how he believes he is helping to make higher education a priority in the state.


Black noted that Missouri’s income is in a strong position above inflation and thinks the state will be able to fund higher education priorities for the foreseeable future. He said he supports higher education and community colleges in his region.

Second District State Representative Mazzie Boyd of Hamilton said the governor’s seven percent increase for higher education is one of the largest increases the state has seen in the past two years. You are a member of the House Budget Committee.


Third District State Representative Danny Busick of Newtown said three of his five children are educated and education is important to his family. He believes that education is also important to his he House district.


State Representatives Josh Hurlbert and Peggy McGaugh also attended the Legislative Forum Feb. 24 at the NCMC.

Eighth District State Representative Josh Hurlbert of Smithville said Missouri’s number one priority and focus should be education. He noted that, besides Medicaid, education is probably the biggest driver of what money is spent in the state. He said $1.5 billion was spent on higher education in the current budget.


Hurlbert commented that community colleges are close with communities and responsive to the needs of the workforce. She believes supporting community colleges is important.

Seventh District State Representative Peggy McGaugh of Carrollton said she serves on the House Children and Families committee. She sees what is being done because of Governor Mike Parson’s bills that include early childhood investments and focuses on three areas.

One area is the expansion of early childhood education.


Another area of ​​concern is childcare subsidy rates.


McGaugh said help is also needed with child tax credit programs.


McGaugh noted that the legislation includes a childcare contribution tax credit for corporations, charities, individuals and partnerships at 75 percent of a verified contribution to a licensed childcare facility.

State Senator Rusty Black and State Representatives Mazzie Boyd and Danny Busick also attended the NCMC Legislative Forum.

Lawmakers discussed their committees and other priorities for this legislative session.

Kansas City’s 13th District State Representative Sean Pouche was originally scheduled to be at the legislative forum, but was unable to attend.

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