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The BBC confirms Kanye West’s new documentary and podcast about the controversial rapper

The BBC has confirmed it is producing a new Kanye West documentary and podcast, following the recent controversy surrounding the rapper.

The new program will be hosted by BAFTA-winning investigative journalist Mobeen Azhar, who also created The Battle For Britney, the documentary which detailed the singer’s fight for freedom outside of her tutelage.

In announcing the news, the BBC described the premise of the documentary: The documentary follows Mobeen as he tries to understand the complex journey that has led Ye to become one of the most popular and creatively successful artists of his generation.

“But more recently, to condemnation and notoriety,” they added.

We Need to Talk about Kanye – the working title of the new film – will air on BBC 2 with a broadcast date to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The documentary will also be accompanied by an eight-part podcast series, inviting guests to “gain insight” into the rapper’s life.

“Each episode will invite new guests, who can bring insight into Kanye’s life and dig deeper into his place in the culture;” the press release reads, “starting from the first stratospheric success up to the condemnation of the following years”.

Kanye West (Getty)

In recent months, West has made headlines over a series of controversial and anti-Semitic comments.

After his Instagram account was suspended for sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, West tweeted that he was going to “death with 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

His Twitter account was then also suspended.

Alongside the hate-filled tweets, the rapper claimed he “liked Hitler” while appearing on right-wing commentator Alex Jones’ Infowars show in December.

She previously sparked a backlash when she debuted her brand’s “White Lives Matter” shirts during Paris Fashion Week in October. It was later dropped by brands such as Adidas and Balenciaga.

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