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They waited until after Valentine’s Day, but these Wichita landlords are shutting it down

The owners of Sunflower Espresso had some customer news this week, but waited until after Tuesday to share it.

As they wrote on Facebook, “We vowed not to break up with you on Valentine’s Day.”

The business, located in FireWorx at 500 S. Topeka, is closing.

Kate Hutchens, who started Sunflower as a food bus in 2014, said she and Michelle Barrett, who joined as an employee in 2018 and co-owned it in 2020, want to pursue other things.

“We just didn’t have time for the investment to grow the business,” Hutchens said.

He said Sunflower is doing well and the idea is, “Let’s try to sell it while things are going well.”

Another cafe is taking Sunflower gear and opening in the same space.

“I’m sworn to secrecy,” Hutchens said. “I can’t tell you who it is, but it’s going to be really cute.”

February 24th is the last day of operation for the shop, but the Sunflower bus will run until March. Hutchens said some of it must be “a walking advertisement” that is for sale.

“We think it’s a lovely, quirky little deal,” Hutchens said.

“We have enjoyed being a part of the food truck community. It could be you if you want.

Anyone interested in purchasing the bus can write to [email protected].

Hutchens said he still loves coffee and sells it.

“I probably can’t stay away from it forever,” he said.

“But if I could take a break from doing so many dishes for a minute, that would be great.”

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