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We call Bullshirt in Texas road trip favorite snack

While you’re traveling in Texas, you’re bound to go hungry. After all, you’ll probably be sitting in your car for quite a while — hours at a time — if you’re traveling from city to city because our state is ridiculously huge. Some of us stop and eat a full meal if we have the time, but others? Well, most of us stop at a convenience store (fingers crossed for a Buc-ee’s) to grab a bite and go.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of snack choices for any Texan driver to enjoy as they drive down the road.

With so many choices, which snack is being picked up the most by motorists in Texas? Thankfully, there is data to reveal it. However, I take a big problem with it.

The number one road trip snack in Texas

The data collected comes to us from the updated points. With the help of Google Trends, the company was able to infer which snacks were being crunched the most in each state. Which, let’s be honest: For Texas it has to be something like beef jerky or Beaver Nuggets, right?

That or something that has at least the aroma of barbecue. Regardless, what does the data show?

Favorite snack of the trip to Texas is none other than… rice cakes?

Wait wait, rice cakes?

Is the data off? I mean, we don’t speak for all Texans here, but Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets do exist, right? Also, with everything HEB sells, does there have to be something Texans also buy while on the road?

Regardless, we don’t think the data is right here. Who are these rice cake eaters and how do they fool Google? Does the data get thrown away by people googling where to even get rice cakes out of all the really tasty snacks?

Let us know what your favorite travel snack is by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app. (If you say “rice cakes,” I’ll toss you my dried wrap.)

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