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Buffalo State Pizza is excited to open a location within KCI’s new one-stop terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Many companies are preparing for the opening of the new single terminal building at Kansas City International Airport.

For 10 years, Philippe Lechevin has been working with the same ingredients to bring great pies to Kansas City at Buffalo State Pizza.

“It always takes a lot of time and diligence, but it’s been a fun experience,” Lechevin said.

After receiving a call from KCI officials, it is now creating something new for travelers by opening its third location inside the new terminal.

“It’s very exciting because we’re at the gates of the city both going out and going in,” Lechevin said.

While Buffalo State Pizza is expanding, they are making specific small changes to their menu in the new terminal.

“So it will be one size fits all. It’s going to be a personal pizza, which is about nine to 10 inches—that’s going to be fine, too,” Lechevin said. “We have 17 specialties on the menu here in Kansas City. their own, so same thing: the sky will be the limit.

Lechevin says that after about a year of pitching a few ideas, he’s excited about bringing a local flavor to an international stage.

“It’s easy to find a chain you know, but when it’s a place you don’t know, it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s try it,'” Lechevin said.

A week away from opening, Lechevin said he’s asking people to stay hungry and be patient as this will be a new take-off for everyone

“I’m sure there will be some missteps along the way, but just be patient with us and we’ll figure out how to make it a lot smoother,” he said.

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