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What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents?

With over 1 million people dying in car accidents worldwide, it’s important to find ways to protect yourself. If you keep safety in mind, your risk of getting into a car crash lessens.

The best way to keep you and your family safe is to learn the most common causes of car accidents. By knowing this information, you’ll figure out the best ways to counteract them.

Keep reading to give your driving an extra layer of protection!

Impaired Judgment

Have you ever decided to go for a drive even though you feel exhausted? Or maybe you’ve had a glass of wine but believe you’re still fit to drive?

Impaired driving is one of the biggest reasons for car accidents and it’s 100% preventable. It’s good to be overly cautious when it comes to your capability to drive. If there’s even a single thing causing your mind to slow down, then it’s best to find other means of transportation.

Never forget to keep yourself up to date about the dangers of car accidents.


Another leading cause of car accidents is the distraction of electronic devices. There are other distracting factors, such as rowdy children or pets, but phones are even more dangerous.

Whenever you go on a trip, put your phone on silent for the duration of the drive. Put it out of reach to stop yourself from being tempted by its siren call.

It’s always better to reach your destination safe and sound than to check your texts!

Bad Weather

Stormy weather is one of the more tricky causes of car crashes since we can’t always avoid it. The best way to help protect yourself when its raining or snowing is to slow down.

This gives you much more time to react to any of the dangerous aspects of the weather. It also helps your tires maintain a good grip on an otherwise slick road.


We’ve all tried to race to work before we’re late at some point in our lives. The problem is that going at faster speeds is one of the most common car accident causes.

We don’t have enough time to react to changes in traffic or we attempt to get past a stoplight before it turns red. All of these things bring a lot of danger to you and your passengers.

To stay safe on the road, you need to follow the speed limit no matter how late you’re running. Arriving late is better than getting into an accident.

Keep These Causes of Car Accidents in Mind

Every time you get into your car, think about these causes of car accidents. Go through each one and figure out if you’re able to diminish any of their effects.

If it’s raining, try to wait out the storm if possible or drive slower if you must go out. If you’ve been drinking or you’re exhausted, ask a friend to drive instead.

Not all accidents are preventable, but there are always precautions you can take before you get behind the wheel!

Another way to stay safe is to keep informed about the world around you. For all the latest news, check out the rest of our blog!

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