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How to Choose the Right Industrial Hose for Your Equipment

The industrial hose is one of the most underrated, underappreciated bits of tooling for any industrial location.

The hose that carries fluid hither and thither throughout your manufacturing plant or warehouse is absolutely essential to your operations. Without it, there’s a chance that all your machines would soon grind to a halt.

Consequently, picking the right industrial hose for your needs is no unimportant task. Instead, you need to take the appropriate amount of time and caution to ensure that you’re selecting the right hose the first time that you buy.


Probably the first and most obvious thing that you need to look at as you try to choose the right industrial hose is the size of the thing. You need a hose that will work with the existing sizing that you have throughout your facility. If the hose in question can’t be produced in that size to connect to the rest of your facility, then that’s an automatic disqualification.

Within sizing, it’s also important to assess whether the diameter of the hose you choose is going to be able to sustain the volume of fluid flow that you desire.

Temperature Requirements

The next thing to think about is the temperature requirement that the hose should be able to sustain. Is this hose going to be used to transport very hot fluids? If so, then you need to ensure that it is rated for those temperatures.

Otherwise, you could find yourself purchasing something that is going to break down the first time you actually try to use it.

Hose Environment

Where is the hose going to be located? Will it be inside or outside? Are there any other factors to the condition of the hose’s environment that will need it to have a certain safety rating?

If so, make sure those factors play a part in the buying process.

Material Type

There are several different materials that you can choose from when identifying a hose to build. Each of these materials will have their own unique properties. You want to make sure that the material of the hose that you’re looking at is compatible with the chemical makeup of the fluid that will be passing through it.

Sustainable Pressure

What pressure will the fluid running through your hose be at? If it’s going to be at any kind of high pressure, then you should check to ensure that the hose is rated for that pressure and won’t burst the first time fluid runs through it.

Available Fittings

Last but not least, you want to look at all of the available Parker fittings that are compatible with the hose in question so that you know it will work for your facility.

Find the Right Industrial Hose for Your Needs

There you have it! With this guide under your belt, you should be far better equipped to select the right industrial hose for your application.

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