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What Are the Hottest Trends in Embedded Electronics?

The market doesn’t stand still; many new technologies continue to heat up. New trends in embedded electronics will undoubtedly change how electronics are programmed. This market is expected to grow in the upcoming years; experts say that this market will reach more than $130 billion by 2027. Having analyzed the statistics, we can see that embedded software is here to stay. Well, what is the future of this trend? In this all-encompassing post, we’ll take a closer look at this issue and review the hottest trends that might influence this area.

The thing is that it is of utmost importance for programmers and designers to follow the latest trends in this niche. This market is always growing. Therefore, if you are engaged in this niche, you have to keep track of the latest trends and understand what is going on in this scene. It goes without saying that embedded systems are here to stay. So let’s dive deeper into the hottest trends and define whether embedded software development services have a future.

Python is Becoming More and More Popular

This programming language needs no introduction. It’s a highly appreciated tool among programmers. The main distinctive feature of this tool is diversity. And this has put Python in a perfect position to become a must-have instrument in building embedded electronics in the upcoming future.

So far, we have noticed that more and more educational establishments stop teaching C or C++. The main reason why programmers opt for Python is the simplicity of this solution. No matter what your experience in this niche is – you can always contribute to Python programs. And the more coders can work effectively, the faster they can build new software products.

Implementation of Machine Learning

In the upcoming years, Machine Learning is expected to influence many areas and embedded electronics are not an exception. ML has numerous benefits. Moreover, it has potential in many engineering niches. However, the Internet of Things has even more benefits. The thing is that embedded microcontrollers need less bandwidth as compared to previous technologies. They are the latest achievements that promote seamless communication with the cloud. Enhancements in hardware technology, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things – all these solutions make it easier to run software on microcontrollers.

Enhancement in Healthcare

It’s clear that the COVID pandemic has changed the world we live in and promoted the development of medical apps. So far, the market is overloaded with a myriad of medical applications and various devices that allow users to control their state of health. However, this industry simply can’t do without embedded electronics. It has the potential for integrating embedded solutions in various sensors, ventilators, monitoring gadgets, and the like. 

Prevention of Cyber-Attacks

Just check out the daily newsfeed and you’ll see that cyber-attacks happen every day. Many companies are working on building the right methods that can help prevent cyber-attacks. And this is where they simply can’t do without embedded software. Statistically, the revenues of cybersecurity are expected to reach $254 billion by 2026. The popularity of embedded security hardware is rapidly growing. Moreover, the latest designs will come with built-in security silicon.

Tremendous Speed

5G technology is expected to make some transformations in embedded systems. This technology can influence portable medical devices, telecom service providers, the IoT, and even automotive industries. The thing is that with 5G, the internet and various systems will become extremely fast. And this will surely influence many industries.

All in all, we can see that during the past 50 years, embedded software has grown from slow devices to powerful solutions that can cover the needs of many industries. Moreover, we can say that our future is impossible without embedded solutions. If you are going to invest in this niche, make sure you are choosing a trusted and time-proven software development company with an impeccable reputation on the gambling scene. 

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