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What Do Dreams About Miscarriage Signify?

A miscarriage or stillbirth is a remarkably common phenomenon that many women of childbearing age experience. A good number of women throughout the world experience at least one miscarriage during the period they remain fertile. So, when women dream of miscarriage, the vision, by and large, stir up wild and unpredictable emotions.

The majority of women who undergo miscarriage generally avoid discussing or talking about it as it is a sensitive issue. Nevertheless, miscarriage, also referred to as pregnancy loss or spontaneous abortion, can be quite traumatic for the women who go through the event. And to dream about miscarriage could portend that the individual will experience some difficulty in waking life or maybe already experiencing it.

What does dreaming about miscarriage indicate?

Contrary to what you may think, several women, both of childbearing age as well as those who’ve attained menopause, dream of miscarriage. So if you’ve dreamt of stillbirth and feeling anxious about it, you can take solace from the fact you’re not alone. In reality, nearly 25% of worldwide pregnancies lead to miscarriages or stillbirth, which is quite a large number.

Spiritual Bent

Dreams associated with pregnancy loss or unforced abortion can be stupendously unnerving for all those who have to put up with it. Many women with a spiritual bent of mind automatically start mulling whether the nightmare indicated something portentous or foreboding. These women, after experiencing the dream centering around miscarriage, usually try to draw a parallel between the vision and their real life.

Emotions & Feelings

Dreams surrounding miscarriage could evoke a wide gamut of emotions as the visions could be construed in different ways. How you will interpret or deduce the dream will, to a considerable extent, depend upon the particulars or minutiae concerning the vision. More often than not, such ideas portray feelings churning in your subconscious mind, which you may be unaware of in your waking life.


These dreams more often embody your preoccupation with fertility or pregnancy or losing the fetus. The symbolic significance of such visions implies typically a project that was shelved prematurely or one that did not produce the expected results. Ancient civilizations broadly interpreted dreams about stillbirth suggestive of something not unfolding or happening according to one’s expectations.

Primordial societies regarded dreams relating to stillbirth as an occult admonition about something undesired about to befall the dreamer.  Fast-forwarding to the current times, dreaming of stillbirth could be a sign that you might finish or terminate an assignment before its due course. Keep in mind that your subconscious tends to be more active and dynamic at night.

Therefore if you dream about pregnancy loss, you may correlate the failure with losing somebody or something that you hold very dear in life.

How will you interpret a dream about miscarriage when you have conceived?

In case you’re a mother, you may likely have had very distinct and colorful ideas during the period you were pregnant. Medical professionals, dream specialists, and sleep therapists associate vivid dreams during pregnancy with specific hormones that women secrete while pregnant.

However, several pregnant women have gone on record by iterating that their dreams during the three trimesters of pregnancy were shocking. And interestingly enough, these women also reported that they experienced the shock as if it was happening in reality and never for a moment felt that they were dreaming. Nightmares about miscarriage have incited some pregnant women to commit heinous crimes that they could not imagine doing even in their wildest dreams.

However, atrocious or odious crimes committed by women who have conceived are few and far between. It is also worth noting that not every dream concerning stillbirth is prophetic or predictive. Such dreams, in most circumstances, is the subconscious reflection of one’s anxiety and nervousness about not having a standard delivery or giving birth to a stillborn baby.

What does dreaming about your spouse experiencing a stillbirth mean?

If you dream about your wife or better half suffering a miscarriage, then what does the vision signify? If you’re the male partner dreaming about your spouse experiencing a stillbirth, it could mean that you are afraid of shouldering new responsibilities. Alternatively, a miscarriage in a dream could portend that you are apprehensive of losing children you have or that you are aspiring for more offspring subconsciously.

How will you infer a dream about somebody else being pregnant having a miscarriage?

Your dream about somebody else being pregnant undergoing a miscarriage can be quite mysterious and puzzling. It could also happen that you may struggle to figure out the identity of the person who suffered the trauma of miscarriage. That person in your dream putting up with stillbirth could be a stranger out and out and merely a figment of your imagination.

You could be a loss to identify who the individual is as well as why did you have such a dream, and what does the vision imply? You might be tempted to presume that the miscarriage could mean that you or the person in the dream could lose a child or give birth to a dead baby. But in reality, it may not be so.

Those who have amassed extensive experience in interpreting dreams will tell you that dreams more often have a symbolic connotation instead of being literal. If some other person is experiencing the miscarriage in your dream, it may relate to rejection; that you were considered for a job or that your partner left you for somebody else. It could also signify that an opportunity that was coming your way met with a roadblock or obstacle.

How will you correlate a dream about miscarriage with your real life?

Renowned psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists over the ages have opined that dreams are usually an embodiment of emotions that surface in our subconscious. Our subconscious mind, which generally remains dormant and inactive for the better part of the day, tends to arouse when we prepare to sleep.

Most of us dream mainly when we experience REM sleep. Do you remember dreaming when you slept soundly through the night? Every dream of ours can be linked to a specific aspect in our day-to-day living and can be interpreted contextually.

That said, when you dream about a loss of a pregnancy, it could be connected to losing or doing away with something or someone that mattered a lot. Or such a dream could be an indication that you are about to lose somebody or something sooner than later. Dreams concerning miscarriage, on the whole, mirror your fears, worries, and anxiety and could indicate blockades that are hindering your progress.

Such dreams enable you to be mentally prepared in the event of a loss, irrespective of its type, by showing you both sides of the coin.


Closing up, it can be inferred that women dreaming of miscarriage are not a very common phenomenon. Additionally, most women dream of miscarriage, mainly when they are pregnant or those who are apprehensive of conceiving as well as those who desire to become pregnant but are incapable physiologically.

Generally speaking, a dream revolving around stillbirth could exemplify a plan or project that was cut short ahead of time. Such dreams could also be indicative of a project that did not go according to plan or were stalled because of unavoidable delays or setbacks.

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