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Wichita Falls woman arrested after meeting with Lucy Park

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Wichita Falls police arrested a woman for alleged prostitution.

According to the arrest warrant, in May 2022 officers were conducting surveillance at the Seymour Highway intersection at Polk Street when they saw a woman, later identified as Shallice Saunooke, enter the Zoomin’ Food store on Seymour Highway. Shortly thereafter, she drove off in a white Nissan.

The officer and other members of the organized crime unit followed the vehicle to Lucy Park, where Saunooke and the driver parked and fitted a sunshade to the windshield. The officer noted that Lucy Park is a popular place for prostitution and placing a curtain is a way to hide illegal activity.

After a few minutes, officers approached the vehicle and found Saunooke’s head in the man’s groin area. Both gave inconsistent stories about what they were up to and how long they had known each other. The man said the woman’s name is “Candy”. Officers located $70 in the vehicle’s center console.

Saunooke admitted that she and the man agreed she would give him oral sex for $80. A warrant was issued. Saunooke was arrested on Saturday February 18 for prostitution with a criminal record. She was held on $2,500 bond.

Saunooke was previously arrested in Louisiana in 2014 and charged with prostitution and crimes against nature.

The report does not name the man she was with and does not say whether he is accused.

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