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Dream about Roaches – Analysis & Interpretation

Roaches are used as the synonym of the Cockroaches. These insects scare most people and are known to be filthy creatures. These incredibly resistant insects have existed for more than 320 million years ago. Dreaming about cockroaches is normal and is usually a good sign. These creatures can survive in any condition, so most of the dreams about roaches symbolize persistence and longevity.

Though dreams about cockroaches may be disgusting and very unpleasant, they are normal. If you have a dream about roaches, then do not be afraid or worry as their symbolism varies from one situation to another. Dreaming about cockroaches might be a sign of receiving any good news as well as surprises and pleasant events, and these dreams are not a reason to be worried.

What do Dreams about cockroaches mean?

Dreams about cockroaches are usually associated with renewal and longevity. Sometimes these dreams also mean that in waking life, you are indecisive. It may be difficult for you to make decisions in your life, and because of that, you usually seek someone else for help.

Dreaming of roaches means it may be the time to face your fears and problems. They also mean that most of the fears and worries are usually baseless, and it is time to get rid of your life. You must know that there are different meanings depending upon situations. You can dream about killing or fighting roaches or roaches in your food or in your clothes. Roaches can be of different colors like black, red and white or of different sizes like big or small. All these situations have different meanings.

Most common dreams about cockroaches and their Interpretation

Let us know the meaning of most common dreams about roaches.

Dream about seeing the roaches

If you had a dream about roaches but did not remember any other details, then it may have negative and positive symbolism. Sometime it may symbolize that you are dealing with any health issue at the moment, so it is good for you to visit a doctor. By this, you can escape from any bigger health problem.

We can interpret this dream in another way too. It may also mean that you are going to meet a very important person in your life who will have a positive influence on your life.

A dream about roaches can be a sign that you are going to have financial gains in upcoming days, and your position can upgrade and will be much better than before. Seeing cockroaches in a dream symbolizes that you can play the lottery more often, and there are great chances to win to improve the financial situation this way.

Dreaming about roaches in food

If you had a dream about roaches in your food, then it is a bad omen. It may be possible that someone is jealous of you because of your success. There may be many false friends around, and you know about that very well. If you had this type of dream, then be careful in communicating with other people and you must not reveal your secrets.

Roaches on your clothes

Dreams about roaches on your clothes have negative symbolism. It means that you have some health issues and you must be careful in the future. This can be the time to relax and enjoy.

Roaches attacking you in a dream

This type of dream has a negative meaning and indicates that someone will take your advantage in the near future. This also indicates that you may have a bad experience at the professional front, and you may feel abused because of some circumstances.

Dream about trying to catch the cockroaches

Trying to catch roaches in a dream means you are willingly controlling the situations around you and want to control your life as well as other’s life.

Killing the roaches

Killing the roaches in your dream is not a good sign. In fact, it means you are feeling lonely and sad. You don’t know how to deal with a situation as well as you are feeling powerless. It might be possible that you are unable to make an important decision for the future and decided to ask anyone to help you.

Other symbolism about this dream means that in waking life, you must take some responsibility and have control over a certain situation. This dream also tells you that you need to be more positive and remove depression and sadness from your life.

This dream can have a positive meaning, and you will get strength and motivation in the near future. This is a creative period, and you can expect a lot of prosperity and success.

Dream about a lot of roaches

Seeing a lot of roaches in your dream is a very bad sign. In fact, this dream means that you are unable to keep any promise that you gave to somebody leading the person disappointed. Because of this, you may be guilty and have a conflict with others.

A couple of roaches

Dreaming about a couple of roaches is a good omen, and it is a sign that opportunity is on the way to overcome obstacles and solve your problems. Many changes can happen in your life, and you will adjust to them easily. You can expect huge success in the future.

The dream also means that you will keep promises that you gave to someone because of which people will respect and love you.

Fighting roaches

If you have seen a dream about roaches fighting with each other, it means you should face your fears in the future. It may indicate that there is inner conflict inside of you, and because of this, you may not feel well. This may also mean that it is time to face your fear and take control of your life.

Dream about being afraid of the roaches

Dreaming about being afraid of the roaches means you will have to face the health issues in the future. It is time to take care of health and visit a doctor as early as possible. Another interpretation is that you should not be afraid of anything in your waking life because there is no reason to be worry about it. You should think positively and relax.

Dream about roaches as pets

Seeing roaches as your pet in dreams means you are aware of negative characteristics and trying to alter bad behavior and be a better person.

Dream about roaches in your ears

If you had a dream about roaches in your ears is a sign that there will be an influence of someone in your life, and that person will assist you in making important decisions. This person may be helpful, but you may feel stressed all the time.

The dead roaches in your dream

The dream about dead roaches means that you will be unsuccessful in your professional life, and you will fail to achieve your goals. In the future, bad luck will follow, so this kind of dream is a clue to prepare for bad things coming in the future.

What is the meaning of dreaming about red, black, and white roaches?

If you had a dream of red roaches, then it is a good sign, and it indicates that you are going to receive the gift from a person important to you. It symbolizes wealth and abundance in the future, and you will have money in upcoming days, meaning your financial situation is going to be very good.

Dream about black roaches is a sign of bad luck. You will fail in the professional front, and nothing will go according to your plan. Other Interpretation about black roaches in a dream means you will be promoted professionally. This may also mean that you are going to begin a new relationship with someone whom you like much.

Dream about white roaches means someone will betray you, especially close to you. This will lead to disappointment.


Dreams are always unique, and their meaning differs in your waking life. There can be varieties of surprises, news, including pleasant and unpleasant events in your life. Roaches are a master of survival and fascinating creatures. The dreams about these creatures depend on cultural conception, spiritual and religious belief as well role of the insect in people’s life. In general, the dreams about the roaches are normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

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