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10 Questions to Get to Know Someone

Call it common goals, their character, or anything! Before you really get to be close to someone, then you must have known some meaningful things about them.  In this article, we will be sharing some great questions you could ask to get to know someone. These questions are the determinants of character, conversation topics, and almost all there is to know about someone.

How Do You Describe Yourself?

An excellent question that makes the other person try and reveal some things about their personality. Describing oneself can be in the form of what they do, their family, career, or their likes and dislikes. Their answers most times will give you an idea of the priorities in their life. It is essential to know that the answers to this question can come in different ways. It all depends on the kind of person you’re getting to know.

What Are You Passionate About?

Everyone is passionate about something. What you have a passion for might be different from that of your conversation partner. This is why it’s important to ask this question to know whether your interests are aligned or not.

One good thing about this question is that you get to see your conversation partner excited and see them talk with true energy. It’s a question that brings about exciting conversations.

Have You Read Any Good Books?

If you are a reader and you would like to know if your conversation partner is one, then you should ask this question. With the response, you can know whether you share the same interest. Also, there are categories of books to read.

Some people might be interested in and strictly read business books, while some might be interested in self-help, friction, science, or novels. The question will give you an idea of the category the person you want to know is.

What’s the Worst Thing you’ve Ever Been Through?

The question is a bit personal, and some people might not like talking about their bad experiences. However, it’s a good thing to open up and be free. When you ask this question, you get to know what’s like for them when they were going through the hurdles and how they overcame it. If someone can open up on this with you, chances are they’ll be able to trust you enough and tell you anything in the future.

Who Is Your Hero?

When you ask this question, you’ll learn a lot about the person you are getting to know from the way they describe their hero. The truth is deep within us; we all have that person we see as a hero. Maybe a family member, a politician, a notable person in the community, an athlete, or a celebrity. We admire them because of a particular trait or characteristic that we see in them and aspire to have.

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Life?

Sooner or later, this person’s name will be bumping into conversations between you and your conversation partner if you plan on being friends. This question brings interesting answers. Some might say one of their parents, while some may say their only kid, or the answer may even be a very close friend of theirs. These people will likely influence a person’s life. So, this is why it’s an excellent question in getting to know them.

Do You Believe in Second Chances?

A good question used in knowing how kind a person is or to what extent they can forgive. When getting to know someone, the conversation will get to a stage where you two discuss sensitive things like interactions, relationships, and dealings with people.

This stage is the right time to ask the question. From their response, you would know their take about second chances, whether they’re the rigid type or the other way round.

What is Your Biggest Accomplishment?

Getting to know someone is never complete without this vital question. It allows you to get an insight into a person’s past. When answering this question, they will most likely take you through their life, what they take pride in, and their interests. The achievement might be a personal project, career, or professional. Whatever it may be, you’ll get to see them explain how they went about it.

What Are You Most Afraid of?

Everybody is afraid of something. If you’ve known those things they have passion about and the things they enjoy,  then it isn’t a bad idea knowing the flip side too. A tricky and a bit personal question, although it can get the conversation ticking if asked in the right way.

If they’re terrified of something which of course everybody is, they will explain, and you’ll probably also get the chance to know the reason behind it. This will go a long way in building empathy and comfort for your conversation partner and even a life lesson for you.

Do You Have a Life Philosophy That You Live By?

If you want to be friends with someone, then you need to know what their views are about life. Their perspective about life, their environment, or what they think about happenings in the world at large. With this question, you get to know their morals, values, characteristics, or things they believe in if they’re in the same line as yours, fine, and if it’s not, then you know what to do.

There you have it! The ten questions you should ask to get to know someone. These questions are what give you an idea or some background of the person you’re trying to know. When they answer, you get to see some of their character, beliefs, values, and decide whether they’re someone you’d like to spend more time with.

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