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Romantic Date Ideas – Cold Weather Edition

As the weather is turning colder, we’re all going to find ourselves spending more time indoors. Many people embrace this type of weather because of the cozy memories of spending time with loved ones. Whether you live with your partner and want to keep the romance alive or are just starting your relationship and looking for fun date night ideas during the Winter, we can all use a little inspiration every once in and while when it comes to new, fun things to do in our relationships. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some romantic night in ideas, shall we?

Camping Inside (Or Outside)

So, you’ve gotten past the “get to know you” phase of your relationship, but the two of you are still all about finding fun ways to keep getting to know each other through activities and organic conversation. One romantic idea is to go camping with one another. If you want a fun night in, you could recreate an entire camping experience by pitching the tent in the middle of the living room and lighting a fire in the fireplace. You could also decide you want an outdoor camping experience, which, while incredibly romantic, leaves little to the imagination when you wake up the following day outdoors – no access to your bathroom, makeup bag, and all the other creature comforts. But, either way, you decide to go camping together, make sure you have some good snacks on hand like Samoa cookies, s’mores ingredients, and popcorn – because you’ll surely be up all night talking and falling further in love. 

Go On A Road Trip 

While this is more of a weekend-long date, if you’re looking for something gorgeous to do together, nothing quite beats watching the leaves change in late fall. Especially if you’re up north or in the Mid-Atlantic region, the leaves changing are second to none in the country. So, pack up all the comforts you would want on a road trip, make sure you have plenty of snacks and the perfect playlist, then hit the road safely with your sweetheart. Take the scenic route and make sure to stop at all the detours to take selfies you’ll remember for a lifetime—Usher in the changing seasons with some serious romance. 

Hit The Trails 

Even if you’re not an “active” or “outdoorsy” couple, hiking and going on long walks can be an incredibly romantic date. The great thing about taking on these types of physical activities during the fall and winter months is that you’re not sweating under the intense summer sun. So, you can take in some pretty magical views – if you pick the suitable trails – and your makeup and hair could still stay on point. Not to mention, depending on how serious your relationship is, how much more perfect of a spot can you find for a proposal than on a hike with a beautiful cove or waterfall as the culmination of your trek? This answer is – you can’t, and your response is hopefully a resounding “yes” to the question of “Will you marry me?”

Christmas Lights Tour 

One of the most magical things about Winter is the entire month of December. Everywhere you go, there is sentimental music playing and twinkling lights all around you. Why not take a light tour? You can do a more elevated tour and visit a local botanical garden or museum – they always have beautiful light displays around the holidays; or you could go for a more Griswold experience and tour the local houses in your neighborhoods with the more festive, sometimes over the top displays of lights and decorations. Either way, it puts you both in the holiday spirit, which is all about love and togetherness – perfect date night! 

Ugly Sweater Party 

Ugly sweater parties seem like they’re never going to go out of style. So, you and your significant other could even have your private sweater party, or you could host an ugly sweater party of your own. It’s always fun playing host and often a little stressful – which will bring you closer together, especially if it’s your first time planning a party. Then you two can celebrate a successful gathering after all your guests leave.

Hopefully, this list left you feeling inspired about the upcoming cold weather and holiday season. If you’re lucky enough to have someone special in your life right now, make sure you let them know how special you are to them by taking them on at least a couple of the dates mentioned above. Happy holidays!

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