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69 Definition and Meaning: What Does 69 Mean?

What does 69 mean? 69 is one of the most popular oral sex positions. It contrasts the traditional oral sex in the sense that the two partners sexually stimulate each other orally in the numerical 69. In the 69 sex position, one partner lies on their back while the other crouches on top facing the opposite direction.

Furthermore, the 69 sex position can involve any of the sexes. This position is highly popular amongst partners who want to offer each other pleasure simultaneously. It can be done by either partner lying on their side or one partner lying on their back while the other is on top.

Benefits of 69 Sex Position

Some benefits of the 69 sex position include:

Solidify Relationship and Instill Trust between Partners: The 69 sex position can help instill and solidify the trust between the partners. As both of them have entrusted their body parts to the other, the feeling is created. This is highly essential for relationship success.

Improve Coordination: The 69 can help improve coordination. While the partners are trying to please each other as much as they enjoy the oral stimulation, they, in turn, improve their coordination. Improving coordination can be highly essential for your physical and mental well-being.

Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy: Unwanted pregnancy can be avoided through the 69 sex position. In case both partners forget to carry contraceptives or condoms, this sex position can come in handy to satisfy their sexual urge while they avoid the risk of getting knocked up.

Saves Time: Also, the 69 sex position is time-saving. It saves a lot of them that the partners don’t have to wait for their turn to satisfy each other. They please each other at the same time.

Reduced Risk of STI: The risk of contracting an STI through this sex position is lower than through penetrative sex.

Also, this sex position is fun and challenging. It helps the partners make things less predictable and more exciting.

How to Make 69 More Pleasurable

Below are some tips to make the 69 sex position more pleasurable and enjoyable for you and your partner:

Take it Less Serious

One of the keys to enjoying the 69 is not to take it seriously. Relax your mind and have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t take the physical appearance of your partner too seriously.

Make it Very Sensual

Focus on the touches of your partner and enjoy them. By focusing on how it feels to be touched, you will gain a better understanding of what turns you on. Take moments to also understand how your touch makes your partner feel, and you will be able to figure out easily what turns them on.

Lie on Your Sides

If you want to take 69ing to another level, you should explore a new pattern with it with your partner. You both can make the most of it by lying on your sides. This will make you not worry about straining your muscles. You can use each other’s thighs as pillows to keep neck strain to the minimum.

Make Use of Your Hands

Apart from using your tongue to pleasure your partner, use your hands as well. Use your hand to pleasure his or her nether regions, especially when you want to give your mouth a breather.

69 Variations

Another amazing thing about the 69 sex position is that it can be done and enjoyed in various ways. Below are some variations for the 69 sex position


This position involves sitting down with their legs in front of them. Stand in front of them with your legs on either side of them. After this, bend over them until their mouth can reach your genitals, and theirs can reach yours.


This position offers you more room for comfort. No one has to worry about getting squashed beneath or balancing on top. All the partners have to do is lying sideways, facing each other’s genitals as they stimulate each other orally.

Inventive 69

The inventive 69 offers both partners a novel way of oral sex with expending much energy. They lie on their backs, side by side opposite each other. Now one partner straddles the other with their legs, offering them easy access to their genitals. The pleasure derived from this is immeasurable.

Exotic Foreplay

Ask your partner to get in front of you while you are on your hands and knees. Straddling over you, they should bend over until their mouth reaches your genitals. This sexual act requires great strength and flexibility from both parties. It also offers a change of pace that isn’t demanding.


This position offers so much fun and pleasure that you may not derive from other 69 positions. Lie on your back with your legs straddled, and bring your thighs toward your chest as far as they will go (bend your knees as very well as you need to).

Ask your partner to kneel over you, straddling your head, facing toward you. From there, the partners can lean forward until their hands are in contact with the ground. From there, they should be comfortably resting on their hands and knees, and you should still be lying down with your legs drawn toward your chest. Both of you should have all the access you need to engage in a little oral stimulation in this position.

Golden Gate

Golden gate is effortful and impressive. This 69 sex position is an ideal choice for those looking for something a little demanding. Your partner to lie on their back. Kneel, facing away from them, with your legs straddling their shoulders. Then, lean back so that your arms are straddling their upper thighs, and your mouth can reach their genitals. This position is enough to enable you to reach your partner’s genitals and offer them a huge and satisfying pleasure to remember.

The 69 sex position is a pleasurable sexual position that can be enjoyed by both partners. In case you are looking to have an amazing time with your partner without any penetration involved, the 69 sex position is your ideal option. The above should be able to answers your various questions, including what does 69 mean? Its benefits, variations, how to make 69 more pleasurable. If you are yet to try out the 69 sex position, you should consider doing so today!

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