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What is Spiritual Self Care?

One of the most overlooked categories of self-care is the practice of spiritual self-care. While this practice may sound intimidating – it’s not!

Spiritual self-care, quite simply, is an active practice that connects us to a higher being within ourselves. The version of ourselves that lives without ego, without outside influence, and without fear. Everyone who chooses to practice spiritual self-care is capable of creating a deeper connection with their personal deepest values and unaltered truth.

Benefits of Spiritual Self-Care

When one chooses to practice spiritual self-care, they may feel increased feelings of happiness and enhanced inner peace. Those two benefits alone sound like powerful enough reasons to embark on a new spiritual self-care practice, don’t you think?

Another benefit of spiritual self-care is that you will begin to feel more connected to your higher self. In turn, you will become more in tune with your unique needs for happiness, peace, and balance as an individual. A spiritual self-care practice invites the opportunity to drown out the noise and opinions of the outside world and focus solely on what your heart and soul are trying to communicate.

How to Practice Spiritual Self-Care

A spiritual self-care practice is always accessible, forever with you, and doesn’t have to cost a penny. Here are some simple ways to begin your spiritual self-care journey provided by self care coach, Carley Schweet:

  • Start a meditation practice aiming for just three minutes a day for a week. Gradually increase the amount of time each week.
  • Free-write for five minutes a day and begin to see what flows out of you. Don’t stop to edit or spellcheck.
  • Connect with a like-minded community. Whether that’s at a religious institution or your local yoga studio, connecting with others on a spiritual path will provide encouragement and insight. In fact, joining a youth ministry will not only help you integrate into the community but will also encourage you to share your own experience and grow together. Lessons in this kind of group are full of interactive new methods to help you stay engaged and make friends during your learning path. For instance, indoor games for youth groups are a combination of team games, Bible games, and screen games which are real icebreakers for the group.
  • Get quiet for a few minutes each day (the shower works if that’s the only time you can find!) and tune in to the messages of your inner voice.

While the above are great suggestions for getting started, it’s important to remember that self-care practices look different for everyone. Work to find what works best for you and your needs.

Spiritual Self-Care in Your Holistic Self-Care Practice

While spiritual self-care isn’t necessarily your entire self-care practice, it is an essential component if you’re looking to create transformation within your life. It’s important to remember that a spiritual connection with yourself doesn’t require you to be religious or follow specific rules. Instead, much like self-care in general, a spiritual self-care practice is meant to be unique and supportive of your individual self.

Try focusing on your spiritual self-care practice just a few minutes each day and begin to see what positive shifts and changes occur. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having more insight into your life and requirements for happiness than ever before.

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