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How to Make Someone Miss You – Simple Tricks?

One of the keys to a healthy and long-lasting relationship is missing someone. The passion that a person feels inside enhances love. Naturally, we all love to spend quality time with the beloved person, as it makes us happy. When we are addicted to this thing, then it is hard to survive without the person we love, and we crave for that feeling.

Scientifically when a person is happy or in love, the body produces a surge of dopamine and serotonin, and the body craves these chemicals when we are apart from our loved ones. We feel good to know that someone misses us in our absence. Let us understand the psychology and know simple ways that work to make someone miss you.

What is the Psychology behind missing someone?

Suppose you meet someone and started enjoying their company. You both hit it off, and everything works fine until emotions start their game. Soon you start missing that person but don’t know whether he/she also feels the same. You want that person to miss you back as it is a natural human behavior. For this, you need to work differently if you are a woman and want your Mr. Perfect to miss you, then you must understand the man’s psychology and work accordingly.

Man’s psychology is different. They like mystery and like the chase, and this makes them crave more for you. Make yourself irresistible, and you should keep him on his toes to accomplish your task.

If you are a man and want your woman to miss you, then you really have to work hard. First, know your woman and try to be a man as she desires. Don’t miss the chance to help her out and shower your love. Most importantly, you have to be honest in a relationship.

Simple Tricks to Make Someone Miss You

Let us know some simple tricks to make someone miss you like crazy.

 Do not haste to respond

A woman responds to a text or calls immediately if she is interested in a guy. But responding immediately gives him hints of your availability for him whenever he wants. Men love the chase, so don’t get easily caught and make him wait for some time. This waiting time should not exceed the limit; otherwise, he will lose interest. This can sound silly, but it works for sure, and he will crave more for you.

No communication

We know that it is hard not to communicate with the person we love, and constant communication is a must to maintain a strong relationship. But if you want that a person should miss you then give some time to them to miss you. I mean, if you communicate with the person constantly, then there will be no reason to miss you. So stop calling or texting and give a reason to miss you.

Pause all social media activities

Nowadays, our social media accounts are an important part of our lives. A person can know your mindset and availability from social media activities. So take a break and pause all your social media activities for some time. This is because if you are always present in the feed, then the person will remain in contact and never get the reason to miss you. Just be a little mysterious and stop updating your status, uploading your photos, and sharing other things on social media. Also, stop commenting and liking the photos of that person and make the person think about you.

You should end the conversation first

A person will contact you eventually if he/she likes you, and this will happen when there is no communication for some time. At this time, you have to hang up the phone first and let your love interest send the last message. The key is to enhance the passion and need for you.

 Don’t share everything

You both must be getting comfortable in each other company and think that this is the time to open up and share everything finally. But hold on! Don’t share your life on just some dates. Everyone likes surprises, especially men. This makes them interested in you, and if you tell them everything so early, then there will be no room for further conversations. Let them figure you out, keeping their mind engaged only on you.

Give Space

Spending most of the time with your beloved can make it normal and boring. You both don’t feel any excitement seeing each other. When both of you are always there physically or digitally, then no scope will be there for missing each other. So, give some space so that your partner can miss your absence, and this will add spark to your relationship.

Don’t forget your friends

Once you find a partner, it does not mean that you forget your friends. Keep spending your time with your friends and share stories and adventures with your partner. This makes them understand that you can have fun without him/her.

Leave things

Make sure to leave small things at your partner’s house or car. If you are a man, then you can leave your handkerchief, or if you are a woman, then you may leave earrings or hairclip. So every time your partner sees it, you will be missed for sure.

Add a mystery and surprise

Men love surprises, and so you should not tell everything in one shot. This may happen to lose interest as he will know everything about you. A man may think that he has already conquered you, and this does not excite them anymore. Do remember that men love the challenge and chase.

Surprise your man sometimes and instead of going on a movie or dinner date plan to go hiking or some adventure. If he enjoys your company and loves you, then he will find ways to be with you as early as possible.

Create a gap

Well, it is important to have a certain gap. Just because you both have time to spend the entire day together doesn’t mean you should. Create space in your life and relationship, so leave your partner wondering about you and crave more. It means don’t accept calls every time to hang out or text back immediately.

Do things on your own

If you are a man than your mission should be to make her miss you and do your things independently. Don’t sit and wait for her to notice you as well as re-imagine your relation in a new way. You must tell her that you are hanging out with your friends or going to a club. The more you do this, the more she misses you.

Keep physical distance

When both of you are around then make sure to keep a distance. Don’t sit on the sofa together, sit on the other side of the table when you eat and don’t make a big issue to sit together in a movie or show especially people are around. You both can decide how many contacts you should have, and if you are a man, then respect your women’s desire to contact less if that is the case. This lack of contact will enhance the need and passion for spending more time with each other.

Be you

And lastly, be yourself. Do not pretend like someone else when you are together. Be your unique self and person of a strong independent personality. Be spontaneous, crazy, and have fun together.

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