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Amazing Psychological Facts About Crushes

We all know that crush and love impacts the brain, and it is all about the game of hormones. There are many things that attract or annoy a person. Generally, Crushes are thrilling moments that are not easy to explain. They can be very confusing and unexpected at times. Let’s have a look at some psychological facts about crushes.

Theory of Attraction

The hormone rush plays the dominant role during teenage, and you must have noticed it too. Love is the by-product of this hormonal activity. Love has three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment. Testosterone hormone rushes and makes you find a partner anyhow. Men have much of this hormone, but females also have some. This encourages you to mate with your partner and have babies. Fortunately, couples use contraception and have pleasure so they can take time to become a family.

Eyes are the Mirror

We know that eyes are the mirror of ourselves and tell the truth, and this is the same in the case of love. Look into the eyes of your crush, and you can easily know that a person likes you or not. This is because the pupils will be bigger if the person also likes you and this is all-natural. So always see the eyes of the people around you and know the reality. When the pupil starts dilating as you approach any person, then it is a good sign for you, and this same activity will happen to your eyes too. Thus eyes play a vital role in love!

Yes, Love is in the Air!

Not only eyes, but the nose also has equal importance in love. Humans secrete pheromones that communicate information to the person of the opposite gender. Smell works, and our body unconsciously tells that the person is for you. However, scientists don’t rely on this, but you can feel the effect when your crush smells good.

 Love acts as Drug

Love acts as a Drug for your brain when you are addicted to your crush and feel like you are unable to live without the person. This is because of the oxytocin hormone that brings couples closer and makes their relationship strong. Oxytocin is released during orgasm, making sure that the partners will stay together if they have a baby. It is also a way to have a long relationship with your partner. Therefore, break up with a partner is similar to drug withdrawal. For this, the best remedy is to wait for some time or fall in love again.

Love changes Perspective

Researchers found that if two persons are closer to each other, then love overpowers any other brain activity. You must have noticed that a person who is perfect for you is not perfect in your friend’s perspectives. This is dangerous in case you fall for the wrong person. Well, this is in the case of your mom, too, as she loves you.

Similarities Attract

We have heard that the opposite always attracts, but you will be surprised to know that the opposite does not attract as studies proved that two people with the same values and views are attracted to each other. People want to stay away from the ones who do not adhere to their beliefs. So arguing with a crush or the person you love is not a good sign. But never change your opinion to make your crush happy. It is better to have a person who likes you as you are.

Heart Beats

You might have noticed that when you see your crush, your heart starts beating faster. However, if a person likes you too, then their heart will also do the same. Researchers found that couples sitting closer have the same heart rate and breathing pattern. But this does not happen with strangers. This activity has something to do with the feeling of love. So if you want to know that your crush likes you, then pay attention to their heartbeat during the next cuddle session.

 Kissing helps!

Research proved that kisses are stimulating and beautiful and help to choose a partner. The survey took place in which men and women were asked to rate the importance of kisses to find the right partner. People agreed that kisses play an important role in mate choice. Kissing helps in maintaining the relationship. Scientists found that kisses are related to quality and long-standing relationships.

Long Distance relationship

Often it is believed that long-distance relationship does not work effectively in the long run. This is because couples do not see each other for a long time, and their feelings might disappear.

Although a new study from the UK gives a different perspective in this regard, the study suggests that the deciding factor in long-distance relationships is communication. The exchange of intimate details and information plays a vital role in long term relationships. So it is important to communicate frequently to strengthen the bond. This helps to manage a stable relationship.

Heart Ache and Love

People who are in love often experience mild pain in the chest, stomach, and feel of crushing when they are hurt, and all these sensations are because of changes in brain activity. Love separation is accompanied by a physical sensation, but it does not mean that the organ is at risk, but it can lead to disorders like depression and anxiety. You may have experienced butterflies in your stomach that is due to the adrenaline rush that is caused after you look at your crush.

Cuddling is Painkiller

Cuddling is a way to express love and emotions. This activity releases Oxytocin hormone that helps in the reduction of headache, stress, and any physical pain.

 Pratfall Effect

It is seen that when we love any person, then we love his silly mistakes too. Often it is found that liking someone who makes mistakes is easy, and this psychological effect is called Pratfall Effect. Making so many mistakes can be annoying, but a cute genuine guilty smile after a mistake is irreplaceable.

Timing is Important

It is seen that two people fall in love more easily when they are on a trip, starting the first year in college, visiting a new country, and doing something different and new in life because these things make people ready to be open more.

Talk improves Mental Health

Conversation with a crush improves mental strength, so it is important to talk to your crush. You need not pull back from the person you are interested in. Talking more increases the bond of your relationship and this may make your friends more than friends.

Attracting Attention

Most of the people take four seconds to decide their liking for someone they met. You have four minutes to impress someone. Non-verbal behavior is responsible for attracting someone. The speed of speech and tone is also important.

Voice and Humor

Men with a good sense of humor are the first choice of women. A sense of humor is considered a sign of sincerity and intelligence. Women are attracted to men with a deep voice.

Chemistry of Love

When you fall in love, you feel passionate and full of excitement. The heart starts beating faster, and your palms get sweaty, and you feel much energetic. This all is because of dopamine, which is related to reward and motivation to see someone special again.

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